Broken Personality

Guys…what am I? I don’t know really. I am just inviting my death. I have known all the benefits of no PMO. I have felt the benefits too. Though they didn’t last more than 11 days. Yup! That’s my highest streak. Just 11 days.
I don’t know what am doing at all. I have lost the capacity to judge my actions. It’s just like am running on a loop.
Friends, for the last 11 months I have seen all these.
I had the golden opportunity to change my personality in this lockdown. But instead of changing I more degraded myself.
I have every problem from balding to lowest energy of life to null appetite.

I was a veryyyy normal person few years back who used to enjoy things and life. But now, my life has just turned upside down.

I have tried every possible way in these 11 months(addicted for 8+ years, trying to remove this addiction from 11 months). But nothing works. Plzzz help me


Brother be proud of yourself, atleast you have realized you are having problem, some people out there still thinking PMO is not a problem and it’s healthy. Realizing our mistakes are the first step towards success. Start loving yourself for taking this decision. It’s not easy, we cannot quit it just like that, it’ll take time it’s a step by step process and you will face lots of hurdles in your path but don’t give up. Build your will power and focus on productive things.

Once you became productive, you will forgot about those nasty things. I know we cannot be productive all the time so develop a new hobby. At the beginning you will feel urges very often at those times go out of your home or take a cold shower or even better meditate it’ll make the urges go away. Hope this will help you to get better and I wish you the very best :slight_smile:


Welcome to this community.
Everyone here passed through that stage you are in . Take advices from people here and learn.


Hey brother @Parashuram.
My story is almost like your’s. I’m also addicted for 9 years and trying to quit it for around 2 years on and off. I failed uncountable times but I’m still trying and I’ll keep trying till my death.

Don’t lose hope Brother. Believe in yourself and trust on God. Work on your purpose, be disciplined and productive. Build a mentality that you have left PMO, that was your past nightmare life. You have started living a new life, a life which you always wanted. Focus on your Life. Let that urges come, BE READY TO EMBRACE THE PAIN.


I feel your pain bro, but you givet yourself answer on question "addicted for 8+ years"
Both of us have similar years of addiction, but i needed 3 years and few months to reach my first 90 days. This is long-term fight with PMO, i had my darkest and shines moments in that fight. Only reason why i’m keep winning, because was surrender NEVER an option! :fist:
To reach goal of benefits, you must wait and be patient about resualts, nothing happening over night.

P.S. I rarely comments post, but i felt obligation to give you hope.