Brain Fog - it's effect

How long does it take for brain fog to clear up? I’m assuming no porn for a certain period of time is how brain fog clears up but I’m just wondering if you had brain fog how long did it take to clear up…

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For me it’s around 5 to 7 days. I’m pretty careful with sleep diet and exercise which I guess affect it. I think cold showers or just rinsing your head with some cold water can help snap out of lustful thoughts, but ultimately time is best and 5 to 7 days has been my experience.
Hope this helps! Btw what is your sharing code? I’ve seen you comment and hold a diary and everything !

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The Brain Fog don’t go,
If you take some drugs or medicines, alcohol or tobacco.
If you are clean & doing nofap… 100% guarantee the brain fog will go away permanently after 21 days of hard mode.

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In my case the brain fog go away in 7 days.
But you have to be in hardmode and busy.
Thats it


@HeracliusD my sharing code is 2dd8f7. Thanks for the tips.

@Resurrection @Winnerarman thanks for the suggestions. I’ve done about 11 days of no porn and the brain fog remains so ill try 2 weeks and see if it clears up. I’ll go for 3 weeks whether it clears up or not.


@copper_bronze the brainfog doesn’t go away. You just learn to tame your mind, when it has lustful thouhts, with time. And when you give up on your streak, it thinks to itself that all the things that you have been telling it are just bullshit. It has just tasted the sweet surge of dopamine and runs back to the devilish path. The cycle then continues until your mind is tamed to such an extent that when command it to stay calm it stays that way.

I found after around 22 days clean on hard mode my mind was clearer and much sharper. I did fall on about day 24/25 unfortunately and do I relate to that! that sweet surge of dopamine your brain does not want to give that up without a hell of a fight.

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