Brahmacharya of 100 days and after 🚀

Hello to all brahmacharins,

Today, July 1, 2024, I am starting my second topic which will be more personal, and more diverse, than my first.

I won’t repeat what I already said in my first topic, because i’m not a parrow.
Either I will develop the same subject, or I will talk about a new subject.

It will last 2 months, from July to August 2024.
The period where I am in this forest next to the sea.

So I will talk about my personal goals, my practices, my experiences, and my successes of course.

I will also share my current inspirations.

I hope that my second topic will help you succeed in your own brahmacharya :pray:t2:


Normally I go every summer to the Massif central in the center of France.

In a mountain forest where it is cool.
Where hunters are prohibited.

This forest is inhabited by elves who hide there.
They like me very much, celebrate me every time I arrive, and want me to stay with them forever.
I really like collaborating with his humanoids.

There are also gnomes hiding underground, but they generally have a bad temper.
I’m not friends with them.

There are also fairies, very beautiful.
And many other creatures from the 4th dimension, who are hiding from humans there like me.

There are also powerful spiritual vortices from the earth.
It is mainly Christian deities who live there.
Like Marie for example.
I also collaborate with the vortices of the earth and the deities that inhabit it.

Normally I do this every summer.
It’s my hermit’s job.
But this year my lighting team told me to go to the sea for two months.

It’s weird because I don’t like excess heat, and the place is naturally aggressive.
Plus it has quite a negative energy, especially since the hunters go there.

I questioned my light team, and listened to their answers.
Finally I agreed to go.
I’ve been there for a week.

Indeed I was confronted with the negative energy of the place, the negative entities, the aggressive plants hurt me every day.
There were also extremely numerous tiger mosquitoes, red ants attacked my tent, my tarp, my bags, my food…

I feel like I need to learn to control and balance my creative and destructive side at the same time.

This is my work in this forest.
I have to take the control & harmonise energy.

Because hunters made bad energy 6 cold months, i have to balance it.
With transmutation, healing, blessing…

To manage different dimensions at the same time.

Because there is everything in this forest.

And at the beach or in the city, I have to deal with humans of the 3d.

My personal summer challenge is not easy, but i have to do it.

Next i’ll talk about meditation.
Dimensions 1 to 7 and more.
Difference between bad and good energy of a place.
And many more subjects around my brahmacharin life :om:


3 July

6h Awakening
Walking in the sunrise

6am is too late, I missed the Brahmamuhurta, but not the dawn. The quality of my sadhana was insufficient, because I slept poorly, and I was tired.
I can do better tomorrow.


4 July

4H40 Brahmamuhurta
Long meditation (with Shri devi kundalini visiting me).
Walk towards the sun.
Tchikong in front of the sun.
Today, I slept well, so I had good energy, so my sadhana is
well spent.

My Brahmamuhurta was very calm, the birds were sleeping, but Shakti was there to visit me :snake:

The sunrise today :

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I achieved my brahmacharya goal :
100 days of the best quality of my Life :partying_face:

New goal: 120 days, and even better quality :rocket:


Today I will explain the benefits of each kind of Brahmachary.

Young :
The benefits come very quickly, but it is very difficult to last for a long time.
Especially between 11 and 14 years old.

Old :
It’s the opposite

Man :
It’s harder for the man than for the woman, but he has more benefits than her.
It’s easier for a father than for a single man, but it has fewer benefits.

Women :
It’s easier for the woman than for the man, but she has fewer benefits than him.
It’s easier for a mother than for a single woman, but she has fewer benefits.

Alpha men :
Brahmacharya is not good for them.
They need to have sex a day.
So Maithuna is good for them.

Sigma :
I’m one of them, i don’t have this obligation to have womens in my life, to be happy
I’m good in Kundalini yoga (brahmacharya), and Maithuna.
So i have the choice.

Single men :
Brahmacharya is the best sexuality for them.

Men in a relationship :
Maithuna is the best sexuality for them.
(If they have the quality for).

Beta, gamma mens :
They have low value.
So Brahmacharya is best for them, because quality Maithuna is not possible without a high value man.
They have to improve them self before.

What is the difference between meditation and prayer?

  • In prayer we are active :
    We move, we desire our goal, we think about our goal, we talk with our God, and we actively receive his Grace and presence…

  • In meditation we are passive :
    we don’t move, but we feel the spiritual energies activating within us.
    We transmute our desire into unconditional love for life, beyond good and evil.
    Our thoughts calm down on their own and our minds clear up naturally.
    We are silent but we listen to the silence.

An important point to understand :
Prayer is a request, which must be made in an active state.
Then comes the answer.
This response must be received in a passive state.
This state becomes with evolution a state of spontaneous meditation.
This is why prayer naturally leads to meditation, if there is no problem preventing it.
So we learn prayer first, then meditation.

Whats that,i wanna learn it


Why is meditation not good for everyone ?

Meditation is a very advanced exercise that requires a lot of quality.

Many people practice meditation.
But many do it badly, that is to say with poor results.
Very few manage to reach high levels.

It is not possible to practice Patanjali raja yoga directly.
This already requires a good general level.

A person who has addictions (sex, alcohol, food, material comfort, money, social admiration, etc.) will not be able to go far in meditation.

Neither does a person who has great suffering.
Familial, sexual (deception, mistreatment…), social…

Neither does a person who is physically ill.

A person who does not have good sexuality, a good diet, a good way of earning money…
In short, a bad lifestyle.

A person who doesn’t have a good heart, either.

A person who does not have a good level in prayer, either.


Real Gurus don’t teach meditation to their students who aren’t ready, because they know it doesn’t work like that.

I already talked about it in my old topic, and I will continue to talk about it in this one too.

How can I progress to being able to meditate well ?

There are exercises that are easier than meditation, which are more effective, which give better results, for beginners.

  • Massage:
    The massage will help you a lot physically sexually nervously emotionally…
    Raja yogi have always practiced it, even if Patanjali does not talk about it.
    If you have someone who likes to massage you, that’s perfect.
    Otherwise pay a person who will enjoy massaging you for money.
    Otherwise massage yourself, for example with the chi kong massage.

  • The bath :
    if possible in natural water.

  • Relaxation :
    if possible in nature, lie down on the grass or sand.
    Learn to relax physically, nervously, etc.

  • Prayer :
    prayer will teach you many things, to ask, to connect with the Devas, to receive their help, to collaborate, to engage, and many other things from the spiritual domain, such as telepathy, empathy, spiritual fusion…
    To connect with your spiritual doors and the great evolutionary forces.
    Below = the grace of shakti Kundalini, under your root chakra.
    Inside = the grace of your Divine essence, inside your heart chakra, inside your incarnation.
    Outside = Deva, Guru of the same time and dimension, outside your aura.
    Above = Deva, Guru, great Divine forces of the dimension upper than your coronal chakra, upper your incarnation and aura.

  • You must already be good at prayer before starting meditation, which is a very advanced spiritual practice, and very demanding in skill.

  • Chi Kong is also an excellent exercise to learn before meditation.
    It is a movement of harmonization, massage, prayer, relaxation, almost a meditation too.

  • Walking in nature, alone, calmly, silently, in love…
    Is also a very effective practice, which yogi have always practiced.

  • There are also other well-being activities such as certain dances, songs, gardening, musical instruments, even certain martial arts, etc.
    All this can help you evolve until you are ready for meditation.

Because meditation should be easy, pleasant, spontaneous, not an effort or difficulty.
You have to be prepared for it to work spontaneously.

What are the differences between Brahmacharya, Kundalini yoga and Maithuna.

All men who practice seminal retention and sexual transmutation are Brahmachary.

Even if they do not have a Guru, when they have a good level, their Kundalini will awaken naturally gently.
When the Devi feels that they are ready to welcome her.

Devi Shakti Kundalini will be their inner Guru.
So all high level brahmachary always become Kundalini yogi and Shakta, when their level is sufficient.

Brahmachary couples practice Maithuna, the sacred sexual exchange between woman and man.

Those who want to manifest in this world, evolve in this world, have a good future reincarnation etc.

Must choose the Maithuna.
Because it’s the best sexuality for that.
They will learn the sexual magic of manifestation, they will channel all their energies towards the earth.
Become rich, powerful, have many wives, children.
Have good karma, good reincarnation…

Those on the other hand who want to free themselves from this world, who do not want to reincarnate here.
I am one of this kind of Brahmachary.
Who want to evolve in a body of light, in a world of light with the Devas.
Must choose the brahmacharya of singles.
They will channel all their energies for their spirituality.

There is also the rare case of a very spiritual man in a relationship with a very spiritual woman.
In this very rare case, their Kundalini will quickly release them towards Nirvana, and they will manifest very little in matter.
They will be completely free from reincarnation after their physical death.
I have experienced the first stages of this liberation process, and it is the most powerful of all.

In the past I had a guru who taught this and mastered it perfectly.
I saw what a realized Kundalini yogi looks like.

I’m not a realised yogi, i’m an advanced yogi.

If you can have the satsang of a true realized Kundalini yogi, absolutely do it !

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Whats the name of your old topic

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Brahmacharya, le chemin de Brahma

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I searched but couldn’t find it,maybe its closed

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No it’s open, you can also find it by clicking my picture.

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Places have different energies, and diferents entity.

Once again I simply recommend that you always use your intuition as a compass.
To know exactly which place is right for you.

It can be very accurate to within a meter.
You must feel in your physical body and your other bodies, the response of your intuition to a specific place.

Normally if you listen carefully to your intuition, it directs you in the best direction, to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

When it comes to energy vortices, and entities in more subtle dimensions, or less subtle than 3D, it’s the same thing.

From a certain level of spiritual evolution, you will have the ability to communicate and collaborate, with more and more energy and luminous entities.
Do it, because you need others to evolve and so do they.

To collaborate with the Devas, you must already be evolved enough to, then you must be elected by them.
That is to say that they will vote among themselves, to choose to invest their Ojas in you, rather than in another human.
They can also leave if they are not satisfied with their collaboration with you.
Yes, a human is like a business, or a political leader.
He must be elected to receive external investment.

At a very high level, you may even be a channel of attunement, because you will be able to channel original non-dual Divine energy.

This is very powerful because it allows all dualities to be harmonized.
Good and evil, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth…

At that time you will be very useful to evolution, to life, to the universe, to the Creator, to the Deva, and even to the Asura.

Because all creation, even the shadow, needs to be balanced and harmonized by the original Divine energy, that is to say non-dual.

I practice the Ram mantra almost like Aarambh bodhi.

It doesn’t explain everything, but he’s right :ok_hand:t2::smiling_face: :lotus: