Brahmacharya Is the way to go not No Fap

I feel brahmacharya is only way to attain no fap streaks
I have been doing just no fap it does not help
You gotta do that with other stuff
Like Waking up At 5
Meditating and remembering Shiva in your prayers for 15 mins
Sleeping at 10.30
Not thinking of girls whenever you do Jap Om namah shivaya for 5 mins
That’s how you gonna achieve it
Not just no fap it’s too powerful that way


Exactly brother @harsh1997
You can also see the routine of people having high streaks.
How they are doing all That you have mentioned in a planned way daily and the benefits they are getting…

I have mentioned one for your reference…

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Indeed bro, i chant hanuman chalisa daily, but lacking in meditation and waking up early. I’ll add them asap, thanks for such a nice post. Bhramcharya palam balam


Same i have been reading hanuman chalisa daily for a few months now but i guess at least 15 mins of pure meditation is also required.
I will also recite lord shiva’s name for 15 mins daily :pray:

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