BOOM, this energy I soo powerful 🔋

I just wanted to share my experience with you and know if you do it too or not.

  • Every now and then (twice a week maximum) I take an energy drink, every time I take it especially if I’m still (perhaps if I’m studying or reading), I start to have strong palpitations and imperceptibly I start shaking. I am full of energy and I would like to go and conquer the world.

  • Ok, all this is normal, but have you ever had palpitations on your penis? This energy rush gives me a really powerful sex drive .
    Is this last fact normal? I mean, I’ve never had sex after taking an Energy drink, but is it possible that if I drink a Monster I become this sexual drive so strong or is only pure autosuggestion ?
    And then I also noticed that the more I go on with my monk mode streak the more this potency after drinking the Monster becomes more powerful.

this is called caffeine sensitivity if I’m not mistaken. You have low caffiene tolerance. Be careful


Thank you for the information bro, I didn’t even know, maybe I should consider not taking the Monster drink anymore… Idk

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All energy drinks are bad for health brother,stick to coffee.
Personally i dont drink caffeine but coffee isn"t bad for you

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At some point it is bad


Yeah once in a while is fine but if consumed continuously it hinders with sleep and becomes addictive.


Agreed. This over stimulation is not benefitting your journey. Honestly after day 20, you don’t need caffeine… :ok_hand:

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This comment is soo powerful, I’m on 39 days in monk mode so I’m ok.

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