Books related to nonfaf

If anyone has some sort of books.that are good read n about nofaf.please share it.and if u have download link of that please share.


if you mean nofap than you should chekc out the “easy peasy way” it is a lot more enjoyable than the will power emthod it helped me alot!

pdf free
audio book youtube

if not waht does nonfaf stand for o.O? would you like to explain?


Hahaha “nonfaf”

It’s British slang
To “faff” is to overcomplicate, be unproductive, or to waste time on unnecessary detail.

“stop faffing-about and get on with some work”

I’m most certainly a “faffer” and it probably goes hand-in-hand with being a “fapper”, but let’s hope I’m curbing both bad habits


Thnks.the book is actually good i just read few pages.and it was good.thanks bruhh.

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