Blood pressure, anxiety, depression, hypertrophy

Today I had found out I have elevated heart pressure which might be a sign of hyperthrophy. I am 19 years old athlete, on a strict daily diet + 3-4l of water daily, and I’ve come to a conclusion that working out / diet isn’t the cause of this, although I’ll be cutting coffee out of my diet and adding more garlic, lemon, and other foods that are proven to stabilize heart pressure

I’ve found out that it’s the Psyche. It’s the internal shit that’s been killing me. For years.
Anxiety, depression, overthinking, always on a constant alert, always stressed, always thinking something, always mind running. I’ve been waking up 4.30am and sleeping barely 7 hours - working every second inbetween - studying, reading, programming, working out, working at a job, … Fuck, now that I’m writting this I can see what caused my heart problems.

Currently I’m on 25th day. I know that longer the streak - lesser the stress, anxiety, overthinking,… I need to succeed now… I can’t go back to those days. 25 days ago was my last relapse. I know it. Porn caused me internal damage (anxiety and depression) which caused heart problems. I can feel it. I know it. But I didn’t have the guts to tell the doctor. I can’t relapse. Never again.

I’ll be introducing more meditation into my life, more reading, more of “self-discovering”, walks in the nature. I need to get to know myself. I have to stop my mind from running at 100mph all the time. I need to work on my self more. And I will. Lord help me because I can’t do this alone.

Did anybody else have similar problems? Please if you have /had, elaborate how you dealth with it. Thank you in advance.

Stay sharp


I had symptoms of hypertension
however I wont give PMO as the sole reason
there were other reasons, it’s kinda complicated to explain
overthinking can also be due to excessive use of internet, as inputs are bombarded to you constantly.
detoxing can be useful
for meditation you can do tratak, in which you keep staring at flame in a completely dark room till your eyes water up.


Your post resonates with me. Masturbation really caused me a lot of anxiety and depression too. We become a prisoner of our own mind. I have had all kind of health troubles because of it. And I am also like you now. I am on day 32 I guess and I am getting to know myself better. I love this new me and I really like this guy:) I am mentally stable, feeling positive and more interested in nature. I can’t believe that I defeated a habit which stuck with me for 13 years. It’s like a rebirth. We are blessed to be here today talking about our past and improving ourselves. We are healing.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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