Blessed Beyond Belief

I had an epiphany. Please take the time to read this if you feel maybe you need some motivation to keep at it. I’m going to try to word this as best as I can to get my point across here because I think a lot of people would benefit from this. If you are a couple of days into (nofap) or even many days into it I want to suggest something to you. Be still and reflect for a moment, consider how you feel now and how things have maybe changed in your life since you’ve started this journey. Really look at it and consider how much better things are. Maybe the simple things like casual conversation. Or more complicated things like feelings and everyday problems. Realize how blessed you are right now for things to actually feel atleast the tiniest bit better or maybe even greatly better. Why would you ever return back to where you were when your life is actually improving, and will continue to improve. Then consider how you felt at the beginning of this journey or even before the journey, when everything was wrong. When you finally came to that point where you said “I’ve got to stop this habit.” It made me realize a common mistake I was making. I didn’t realize my blessings and really that things can and are getting better this very moment. This may be different for other people because my life was absolutely terrible before this journey but for me it really made me feel like never ever wanting to watch pornography again. I know how I feel will shift because I used porn like a drug and when you become addicted to a drug your body will make you feel terrible for not having it. But knowing that this is a reality, that life is actually so much better without porn it makes me so motivated to keep on and I do believe looking back at this when tempted can actually break the cycle. You’ve just got to remember how blessed you really are. Hope this helps someone. Much love to all you fellow (nofappers) you’ve got this. :heart:


That’s a beautiful realisation man. We really are blessed to experience days without this darkness in our lives and see the destruction it has caused us. Many people out there are depressed and unhappy and don’t see what the reason is, but we’ve learned better, thank GOD. We’ve experienced benefits even in our struggles to stay clean. This is motivation to go all the way!


Exactly brother! I feel like a lot of people don’t actually realize how blessed they are. Counting me before today, I just had the mindset of “when is it gonna get better.” But thank the LORD it already is better and will continue to get better. Several years of pmo won’t fix itself in a month or even 3 it’ll take a while but we have this hope that things will and are getting better NOW. May God bless you bro. :heart:


Thanks for writing this post… You are awesome. :+1:


So true a journey always starts with a few small step and any success and pushing ourselves to the next accomplishment always nice to reflect back and see where we where at the start see the path ahead :slight_smile: