Bigbash's Diary - Strong urge gone after 7 days of nofap

Hi there,
My strong urges completely vanished after 7 days of nofap… today is 8th day

Is this normal

I personally have experienced this??

yesterday night I didn’t have any wet dreams but was having strong urges so didn’t go ahead with fapping as I am on nofap. the next day I woke up and BOOM no urges what so ever… please reply here on this post if you have experienced this

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This is called flatline. You have plenty of articles on this topic on internet. This is very normal for people who practice nofap. It’s a most irritating stage but very beneficial. Once in a while, you ll notice hard erections from now onwards.Dont fall for it. This flatline mode ll make you feel that your impotent but need not worry. Your brain is rewiring from its excessive dopamine dose so you ll face low libido and temporary erectile dysfunction. . This mode ll trick your mind.Keep calm and dont fall into the trap of fapping. Keep up the good work. All the best!

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