Beware of tik Tok and vigo like apps

I just installed vigo and tik Tok app by watching some funny videos on WhatsApp but after installing it when I browse the content there are so many triggering videos I wondered why so many Indian women are so much eager to revealing themselves and being stupid in thousands of people I immediately uninstalled it too much triggering videos, you can even call it as a soft porn

Are these companies paying big money to these people , you can also call them sluts too


I find that musicaly apps stupid

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Yeah that’s a very useful thing you shared, shutting down the social media apps at the first place was the main idea in order to curb triggers. Oh god I can’t believe how much sexuality is out there. Everything you find on internet either leads to soft core, or will raise sexual tension inside. I had to give up a lot of things. Tbh even Indian television is no more safe. Guys be aware be safe , and stay out of these kinds of musically apps and other social media apps which might give you triggers.

Matter fact even keep an eye on the Google ads, which are also sometimes triggering. When I see any ads from Google I would directly click on “close this ad” > “ad is irrelevant”. And in YouTube almost every third video would be a click bait with exposing thumbnail. This environment is no more safe, I wonder what goes through kids, who are getting exposed to explicit content. It might hard for their parents to stop them from getting exposed.


One of the youtubers - PayMoneyWubby exposed this tiktok pedo pit.


I had done a lot of masturbation using Vigo App.
Its a blood bath if you know what i mean… dont even dare to open these apps… its a death for you…
Mark my words.


They All Are Stupid ShameLess People
In Indonesia They Actually Banned these Temporary for being pornography

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I also wondered why Google is not taking any action on these YouTube channel and Google ads as you mentioned

IDK man, how do they cross the line between what’s should be censored and what’s not, like ni**les are not allowed but that rule is abused by throwing some extremely hot content.
I read on some articles in which some Android games from playstore were showing completely explicit pictures of women and links to porn sites in kids gaming apps. Many parents have written to Google stating that those gaming apps were displaying adult content in kids rated games, then only Google have taken some actions and removed those apps from playstore .I guess Google’s ad verification or whatever the criteria for displaying an ad is fucked up. And all they care about is money. Idk how to tell Google to treat my account as under 13 or kid rated, so that I can stay out of explicit advertisement. I’m still looking for a way to completely stay out of Google ads as a whole

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I will never understand the idea of lipsyncing to speeded-up songs in 15 vsec videos. I dunno, maybe I’m just getting old… the idea is ridiculously stupid.

I was browsing tiktok and all of it are just teens doing belly dance, walking like a model or stretching. Im sure the majority revenue come from pedos swiping these videos.

I thought me with my peers were uneducated and stupid, but I don’t want know who these kids will become, born in smartphone/youtube/facebook/Instagram era. The world is gonna be doomed lol.


Can you share the link because I try to find but unable to get where he talk about it

Thats merely the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know whether you know but youtube has been completely ignoring the fact that there have been pedophile channels on YouTube (they started doing something about it within the last two days I think) for the last almost two years. Bearing this in mind if they’ve been turning a blind eye to the pedophile youtube problem for years they’re definitely doing the same thing with these ads.

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This app triggered you or you just relapsed with video only :open_mouth:

If youre triggered. Get away. And never return!
Problem is sometimes we forget. All relapses start with this or even from aomething harmless.

PMO doesnt happen in that 3 minutes, it took place way before our resolve has crumbled down in front of these continous “edging” (with or with touching the d**k)

check out the video(in the link), it explains everything about how phedos are exploiting these kids on youtube

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Just wanted to add -
Jack Whitehall’s awkward joke at Little Mix’s performance is pure brilliant.

“Dads up and down the country would be awkwardly fumbling for a scatter cushion”

He’s not being disgusting or sexualising them, they’ve done that to themselves and their fans.

I think Jack is a legend for stating the obvious.

Caution trigger picture

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dude do you think this link has some triggering content ??

Yes, hence the warning.
Personally I don’t find the one picture triggering, but I think the story sums up the overly sexualised culture we live in.