Beware of SPIN browser

I can share some advice based on my experience. Useful especially if you try hard mode.
Have you been using SPIN Browser? Some people say that is the safest browser for people addicted to porn, because it blocks many dangerous sites.

If your urges are strong and you are at the beggining of your reboot, don’t try to use it.
Yes, this browser is great. It limits the number of temptations and factors after seeing which you will aweken your addiction.
Yes, it is a good protection against pictures, movies, games etc. containing nudity.

But there are ways to bypass it - e.x. using SPIN you can download other browsers (assuming you blocked access to app store on your phone).

I tried it. If it weren’t for different blockades on my phone, I would kill my streak.
For someone like me, hard-mode is an only option - but SPIN can ruin it. So it is better to cut out your access to the Internet on the phone. At least until you will be rebooted.

That’s all. Hope it helps someone. Fight with all your might, folks!

In my opinion, basically any tool to block access can be bypassed (SPIN, OpenDNS, hosts file… you name it). In that sense, I’d advice to always think of those tools as what they are: tools to make the situation a bit safer but at the end of the day it’s up to you on whether you bypass your own set measures or not.


I absolutely agree with Bashi. Every single app, browser or program I have used, I have always found a loophole to look at the devil’s pixels. No method is foolproof. Use them more as reminders - oh, I just tried to access something I told myself I wouldn’t, something that would prevent me from living the fullest life I want to and accomplishing my dreams. The best block is a mental resolve to never return to P.

I agree to some degree with both of you. But for e.x. in my case any resolvr has never helped in anything. Any rules, any thoughts, any values, any mental bariers. I think both strong blockades and good resolve should cooperate with each other against the addiction.

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But brother If you are busy you don’t have time to watch p… At least it’s better than other Web browsers and block all access to p… And more important thing is that It’s your Mindset…keep yourself busy…Do other thing…don’t focus tok much on NOFAP…And you can easily achieve a great streak by keeping yourself busy and devote yourself to your goals…

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Even with busy life you have to go to bed. In my cases in last months urges were in those little, short moment whe I had a free time - before go to sleep or just after waking up. Spin browser has too many loopholes, to be an effective weapon.

On the other hand I ask you all and myself a question: do we really have to have the accesz to the Internet the whole time? I am doing perfect just by having right aps and no browser on my phone. You can be addicted to the Intetnet too. Like me.

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