Best way to rewire your brain

So some people say there are certain methods ro rewire your brain faster
Is someone familiar with it
Any tip to make the progress faster


Yess I am…

A full proof plan to rewire your brain faster!! :100:

Its a 3 step plan -

  1. No peeking - Do not watch or see…any sexual images, videos…or that sort of things willingly…and if seen accidently…divert your eyes and attention from there…

  2. No edging - Do not touch your genitals unnecessarily…don’t play with it…its an organ, not a toy…

  3. No fantasizing - Your mind should not indulge in sexual thoughts…longer you let such thoughts stay in mind…higher will it affect you…

As soon as some sexual thoughts enter your mind…and you become aware of it…simply slash the thoughts with a sword of your imagination…

Slash that thoughts calmly into minute pieces…until you no longer can visualize the thought…

So follow these 3 steps…along with physically active lifestyle…and your rewiring will be superfast! :fire:


Thanks for the cool tips mate :smiley:


So far, my own experience, and I’m going on over 45 days, right now.

  1. Meditate.
    Meditate on calming yourself, calming anxieties and stress.
  2. Reflect.
    Reflect on not only yourself, but the harm you’ve done to others. Are you married? Did you betray/ cheat on your wife with this garbage? Do you have any relationship that was compromised or damaged by using this garbage?
  3. Research.
    Learn the disgusting nature of this disgusting world and that abhorrent industry. Learn and realize the sexualization of women in this bullshit world. Look at the advertising that’s driven into your sisters, or daughters? Do you like that? Do you respect that? It’s disgusting.
    Then, do research on the true way women in the porn industry are treated. It’s absolutely vile. Most lie about their age, so you’re condoning pedophilia. Most are abused into doing scenes or acts they don’t want to. So you’re condoning violence against women. Most are coerced into performing with other performers that want nothing to do with. So you’re condoning mental and emotional abuse on women.
  4. Read.
    All of these life coaches who are offering to help you reboot your life away from a porn addiction are charging absolutely ridiculous prices, with very little commitment to your recovery. I just researched a website that wanted to charge $9500.00 for 90 days?
    Read. There are lots of free resources. Lots of books at libraries. Lots of podcasts.
    Look at the Men’s Resource Center in Michigan. These are real, genuine, board certified therapists with over 20 years of experience in sex addiction and porn addiction. These aren’t self proclaimed life coaches who want to gouge you for every dime you have.
  5. Learn.
    I am learning more about myself. Why I used this garbage. The so called masculine image I had given myself all my life, and I was never in touch with my feminine, or more emotional side.
    I’m over 50 years old, and have been using porn for 38 of those years.
    I’ve learned that a lot of trauma, and societal training had given me an extremely skewed view on what was a manly man.
    Guess what?
    We’re all puppets.
    Society is a lie. What you’re feed in movies, music, television, magazines, etc, is all a lie.
    Check out Jake Woodard.
    Really eye opening stuff about being a complete man, and, as a bonus, you learn how to truly take care of the partner you love.

These are just a few things.

One last thing:
This will sound harsh, but:
Relapses are bullshit.

Do not buy into that.
Every single message board (not only here, I’ve joined dozens), every single life coach, say relapses are fine.
They’re not.
You betrayed loved ones
You’ve betrayed family.
You’ve betrayed yourself.

If an alcoholic is recovering, should they be around people saying “One drink isn’t going to hurt”?
If a drug addict is recovering, should they be around people who say, “One snort of cocaine won’t hurt”?

Absolutely not.
Be better.
Be stronger.

Good luck!


Thank you for taking your time and giving me tips :slight_smile: good luck in life sir

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Bro , a few hours ago. I searched some names of women and started to veiw them in a different sense. It lasted for like 20 minutes. I also had some semen leakage because of excess erection. I didn’t neither watch porn nor masturbate .

So what should I do now. After this , I didn’t do anything. Just walked for an hour.

Should I reset my streak or forgive myself and move on ?

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You didn’t masturbate, or watch porn?
It’s not a relapse.
Precum is a natural bodily function in a large percentage of men.

But don’t give yourself temptations like that.

Dont search for an actress.or actor you liked, to look at them differently.
Dont search Instagram or Twitter for them.

Search for articles on abuse in porn, if you want to learn about the disgusting truth in that industry.
Search for coersion in porn to learn what the women are put through.
Research sexism in advertising if you want your mind blown away.

You didn’t relapse.

Be proud of yourself for not choking the chicken, and move on!

Good luck!

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No need…
But remember…do not continue this…if you continue on this path…a relapse awaits you…

You were letting your mind fantasize…by peeking…so that’s slowing your progress down…

Definitely, forgive but not forget…so that you wont do it next time…
You have to be strict with yourself…but also find other things to enjoy…
Your life should be happening and joyful…at least busy…so that you don’t have to turn yourself into lower actions…


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