Best rules for Nofap

1.keep the doors open for all time because if you fap you dont deserve privacy. Closed doors leads to loneliness & loneliness leads to relapse
2.see your patterns of relapse that is core time you must be careful
3.when you exhausted go to sleep. Many guys fap because of tiredness exercise it will blast endorphins in brain it improves ur mood many benifits.
5.destroy enemy step by step
A)If u r highly addicted to porn & masturbation try to first quit porn.the less watch shit the less shit you do.your allowed to masturbation & orgasm &sex
B)If u cleared wave now here starts game of Masturbation!!!Many guys die over if you are highly addicted you can do edging stretch streak long as possible & also dont try to edging.
C)survivors now your goal is to do pmo hardmode!!!get the streak like u never done before. Focus only today you have to say only one thing to goddess of PMO not today.
6)remember you are not a fapper since you started nofap
7)cold showers will help you during your streak it build will power to confront urges
8)avoid hot scenes in movies serials anime if you saw a beautiful girl say that I appreciate her beauty but she is not going to my wife.
9)semen retention must be your priority
10)Focus on your goals if u fap u step back from your goals which worse than doing nothing
11)something is better than nothing so always do something
12)sleep before 11.00pm if u r night owl fuck off sleep for now !!! When u gain full control stay up all night no one cares!!!
13)stay away from those who says masturbation is healthy & normal
14)do not overthink overread overanalyze stop researching about nofap. Thinker will think doer will do.thinking may also leads u to fap sometime
15)beginning is tough. Once i read if u miss a habit for a day it will be chances 5% u lose. For 2nd day 45% day 3 it will 95% u will lose that habit.
16)meditation if u thought this could be boring fuck of you are not ready for to be successful
17)remember benifits
18)have a inspiration practical or imaginary
For me saitama, ironman, Dr.doom, karn, Achilles are inspiration. If u r practical find who did it really like Steve jobs & mahamad alli
19) your reason should be with you.
20)socialize more.if you are fucking introvert go and socialize enhance your social skills.if you are extroverted go same fuck applies to you

Don’t take my shit personally but those words are special to me because i feel happy when i use them