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day 75. I realize again that it’s not about porn.

It’s about life. It’s not about good or bad, it’s about decisions we make day by day how we wanna live.

Since I’ve started nofap last year in april, i started also meditation, reading, doing more sports, playing piano, learning Spanish… not all at the same time and to be honest, some days i do nothing of these things, but filled up my brain with new stuff.

But all in all - i realized that these things are also only a distraction from the inner emptiness.

I ran away from my feelings and my life during the last 15 years in form of PMO.

Now i don’t wanna do this mistake again.
Don’t run away from the things.
Face them - you will grow. Feel the inner emptiness… the loneliness… the good and the bad feelings. Everything is fine.
You are great as you are. You are a master.

Stop running away from yourself and don’t listen to the monkeymind that always says: you are not enough…you must be better by yesterday…
Nope guys! You are doing great and you are perfect!

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Do you keep listening to erotic voices for arousal?

No,its a long time. I am on a Reboot now.

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