Benefits of Nofap


After reading a lot of nofap users experience and how they feel during their journey i am sharing this… What will you get (benefits) after completing 1,7,15,30,60,90,150,180,250,365 days of nofap. write it down on a paper and stick it on your wall as a goal. :slight_smile: heart beat returns to normal.
7days=brain fog lifts, able to do some work.
15 days= brainfog is very low level… Start to feel little energetic. Started doing Morning / evening walk, cardio.
30 days= body becomes normal. Full of energy. School, office work becomes fun and interesting. You will start enjoying life at this point. You will realize how porn has stolen your real life rewards and you will try to achieve them.

60days= massive amount of energy, you have to hit the gym… Tiredness/lethargy /brainfog gone. Mind becomes clear… Ability to focus improves. Ed is decreased and morning wood starts.

90days= considered as complete reboot. You become a normal human being. ED/Brainfog/social anxiety completely gone.

Time for superpowers provided you don’t ejaculate and do meditation.

150days= start to feel the super powers. Mind becomes very sharp… Memory, will power is high.

250 days= super powers… Everything will be very easy for you.

365days= you will have a nice job/business. A beautiful wife/girlfriend. Life is very very beautiful.
Best of luck :+1::+1:


I’m really sorry that I have to destroy illusions.

Nofap does give you some benefits like normalizing hormone levels. But most benefits will arise because of YOU. YOU have to work hard to get what you want

Example for finding a great job or starting a business you need determination, confidence, skills, luck to find the right position, and a lot of effort to apply to offers and so on.
A job doesn’t just come to you. Take the example. if you lock yourself into your cellar for 300 days. You have no internet, so no porn masturbation and sex. After these 300days you wan’t be able to come out and talk to girls at all. (probably a bad example but it shows it is not nofap that gives you the benefits. Otherwise you should feel like a king after the 300 days. It is the changing of your life style!)

Finding a girl friends means that you go out, that you have the confidence to talk to girls, that you are an interesting personality (that involves hobbies, experience of life for example of other cultures both things that nofap doesn’t really give you) and the luck that the right person happens to be around you.

Nofap is a tool to success but it is not success itself!
it gives you the chance to explore the world, to apply for jobs to find new friends. But YOU are the person that has to make that true! Nofap won’t do it for you


Thanks buddy for your suggestion


Nice repost man

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But don’t get discouraged

You can get all these benefits you just need a slightly different approach.
Choose some of them. The ones that are the most important for you and set them as your goal. Use the time and energy you don’t waste on fapping and focus it towards your goal. Write a plan how you think you can reach your goal and the steps you need to do so.

If you work for your goals you achieve something in life which also helps you with nofap.


:joy: i thought that I already knew this from resurgent :smile:


Bro. I already mentioned there #copied


Its my first day to start Nofap.


Best of luck :+1: and get some sleep Try to avoid sexy things like picture and video.


How far meditation is helpful instead of sleep ?


Yeah bro.
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