Benefits of Nofap and difficult to control, help

My longest streak was 54 days but with porn.
My current streak is 15 days 14hours and without porn. But I did not seeany change in my brain performance for which I started Nofap, even my short term memory is getting worse. Also it’s getting difficult to control in evening, even I an getting urges when I am at the office.

Please guide when will I see potential changes in me, also How could I take it to 30 days?

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What do you mean “54 days but with porn” And “15 days 14 hours without porn”? NoFap is about restraining to do PMO, so there shouldn’t be porn or masturbation at all in your journey. Now, answering your first question, it depends, not everyone has the same condition. I’d say that after 1 month and a half you should see some changes. Answering to the second question, avoid social media as much as possible, even if your account is the cleanest ever, there’s always the possibility of suggestive content to appear, workout is also a great way of staying focused and keeping the urges at Bay. Cold showers also helps, there’s a lot of methods that you could try, but at the end what decides whether you succeed or not is your will and determination. Good luck!


54 days = Fooling yourself

Yes u saw it right u fooled yourself, U didn’t do any rebooting of your brain …

Well it depend person to person for me benefits were visible after a week … in this 15 days streak if u haven’t peeked , edges , watched porn then you will soon get the benefits . DONT worry …Stay strong …