Benefits of no fap

Nights are always the difficult for me, relapses for me are usually caused by my duty’s during the day of interpersonal skills I have with women and my relationship with my wife and depression.

But I do know it’s only our will power and our brain that is in control,only we have the power to say no.
I am focused on my longest days for some reason because that’s all I have to go by to become sane and strong.

After relapses my soul is gone I’m just living in a vessel that eats,drinks,work,nothing is alive around me because I’m just not there.
Is there a condition of who I am or am a just an additc who can’t face my realities.

When my streak is 60 days plus which I have been there without this site,I will list the happiness in my life.

Regular gym visits
Eye contact with humans
Awesome father to my children
Extra money (not porn related)
Not drinking alcohol
Tidy workshop
Tools are cleaned
Delicious and healthy meals I make
Everything is in order
Yard work is complete
Happy with life
Enjoy life.
Can look at myself in the mirror and say you are awesome and strong,and love life.

Who ever reads this if any one actually does
I’m here to help you and for you to help me,
I don’t want to come across and say I will be the best at this,because that’s just lying at one case or another it might happen again it might or might not, we are already winning by using this app.
Please I will follow you to support as much as I can and I do not judge of your condition because I’m here with you.

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Have any messaging apps?

I don’t have any messages apps only this app I stick too, good to talk to people with same issues

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i have made a Whatsapp group “FAPSTRONAUTS”. All people are here fighting with this addiction…Download Whatsapp and message me your number if you want to join it…

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