Benefits of hardmode Semen Retention or Brahmacharya (Celibacy in thought, word, and deed)

Semen exists in not only the gross form in the genitals but also in a subtle form throughout the whole body. When we think sexual thoughts that semen flows downwards and is converted into the gross form. But when we abstain from sexual thoughts and sexual activities the semen starts flowing upwards in its subtle form and is transformed into Ojas which is a spiritual vital energy or a pranic life energy which gives us great benefits in all parts of life.

Physical Benefits -

  • Longer lifespan.

  • Stronger immune system, less diseases.

  • Greater physical strength. A person in the same weight class but with less Ojas will lose to you in every physical competition.

  • Brighter and more lustrous eyes, skin, face, body. Tejas around the body (healthy glow). Darker and thicker hair.

  • More masculine energy and traits.

  • Greater physical stamina. Can churn out immense physical work in a short amount of time.

Mental benefits -

  • Stronger determination, willpower.

  • Amazing photographic memory. Amazing auditory memory (can repeat things heard once perfectly after years. Part of why the vedas are so perfectly well-preserved).

  • Fixed intelligence, concentration.

  • Lots of mental stamina. Can churn out immense mental work in a short time.

  • Noble character.

  • Natural inclination towards spirituality.

A special nerve (medha nadi) grows in the brain of one who has followed Brahmacharya perfectly for 12 unbroken years. It gives one the physical and mental faculties required for God realization. What people take many lives to realize, a perfect brahmachari of 12 years can realize very quickly. Also, the production of both gross and subtle semen stops completely in the body after 12 years of perfect Brahmacharya which makes accidental ejaculations through wet dreams or other people’s pranic manipulations impossible. One becomes extremely powerful in this state.

Subtle semen is also lost due to non ejaculatory sexual activities like karezza and tantric sex and other trash things. Remember, semen lost is semen not available to be converted to Ojas, and less Ojas means lesser (or none) of these benefits, in degree too. Ojas is basically a kind of vital energy or prana in the body supporting healthy life. To obtain huge amounts of it, give up all sexual activity in thought, word, and deed for 12 years.

NOTE : Consuming intoxicants like drugs, cigarettes, tea, coffee directly destroys the Ojas stored in the brain.

Read (the section titled ‘THE DISASTROUS EFFECTS OF SEXUAL INDULGENCE’) to learn about the deleterious effects of the loss of Ojas on the mind and the body of a person.

I am on a streak of 830 days right now because of the power of chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra which completely eradicates lust from the heart. Please message me with questions and let me know if you want to do a voicecall on Whatsapp and I can tell you all about Krishna Consciousness and the Hare Krishna mahamantra which is - “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.”


I follow these 4 regulative principles while chanting -

  1. No meat eating - hard to follow in western countries but if you must eat meat, do not eat beef at any cost. Eat other kinds of meat. Goat is the least harmful kind of meat so try to make do with that. Again, the preferred way is to avoid all kinds of meat and eggs altogether. That’s the regulative principle.

EDIT : Why no meat eating? Not only is it most sinful to kill another living entity for the pleasure of the tongue (Bhagavada Gita), meat also increases the lust and sexual desire in the body and the mind. So one is bound to relapse if they indulge in meat eating.

  1. No intoxicants - No drugs, no cigarettes, no tea, no coffee, no chocolate, no alcohol, no substances of any kind.

  2. No gambling. Try to walk on the path of truth. No need to lie unecessarily. Lying is a sinful activity which puts a spiritual burden upon us and makes us heavier.

  3. No illicit sex (no PMO - porn, masturbation, orgasm, no adult activities with women, no sexual intercourse).

EDIT : Brahmacharya means pure celibacy. That requires total avoidance of all sexual activities. However if one is married there is a slight allowance. One can engage in sexual intercourse but only for the purpose of producing a child. Not for wanton enjoyment. Once they have as many children as they desired they have to stop indulging in sex life.

There is quite literally volumes more to be said about on this matter. Srila Prabhupada has written more than 80 books on the subject of Krishna Consciousness. But this is the basic process and if one follows it one can atleast achieve perfect brahmacharya (celibacy in thought, word, and deed).

You can approach it as a mantra meditation to achieve peace and tranquillity and control over the mind, not necessarily as a way to worship Krishna.

The effects of chanting this mahamantra are multifarious. Thoughts become cleaner and more pure, memory becomes sharper, determination grows incredibly strong, intelligence becomes fixed and concentrated, fearlessness comes etc.

If anyone is interested in this process and wants to go deeper and see what lies beyond Brahmacharya feel free to message me. I do voicecalls with people on Whatsapp and Indian phone on the weekends.

Hare Krishna.


Congrats bro on your huge streak.
Actually I also chant mahamantra sometimes(not frequent) but I have seen benefits by it. And all other things you said about ojas are absolutely true as I also read this from swami Vivekanands books.
I am also trying to be lust free. Following you.
Hare Krishna :pray::pray:


Hare krishna @conquersex awesome bro.


Nice… very true…
Have a question, how is that and cofee wrong…I take that to be fresh nd active…I can’t see anything wrong in that…

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Coffee contains caffein which is a drug which pollutes the body and the brain. Intoxicants like caffeine and nicotine (in tea) pollute the brain and make it synthesize Ojas in lesser amounts and at a slower rate.




Yeah I want to know about how Krishna mantra helping you stay on the streak. Here is my number 77668 63785

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Thanks for sharing my number but I advise that you edit it out and send it to me in a private message as anyone on the internet can copy it and spam you with calls. Please send it to me in a private message. I will give you a call on the weekends.

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