Benefits are for the weak

If you’re only motivation for nofap in getting the benefits (e.g. Looking more attractive to girls, getting, " superpowers" etc) you’ll just get a 2 to 4 week at max streak then relapse over and over again. I’m not trying to sound harsh, but the truth hurts some times.


Well, what other reason is there to do nofap?
Is is because it’s a challenge and you wanna look cool. Or is it because it’s a lambs to the slaughter kinda thing. If by “superpowers” you mean flying ability or invisibility or super human kinda shit, everyone knows that’s stupid. But if by “superpowers” you mean restoring physical and mental health back to normal, positive thoughts, fighting depression, increase in sexual strength, a natural glow in ones face, which might result in attracting girls too, there is no problem with that. It is like saying you are saying you are wearing that plaster just to cure that fracture and run fast, then you should not wear it, it’s just doesn’t make sense to me.
People are enthusiastic about nofap and they sometimes refers their progress as gaining superpowers, which is good. Don’t take it to your heart.


It’s because some are looking for the benefits, instead of looking to improve one’s self. It’s a subtle difference, but it matters. If you’re just looking for the benefits and not trying to change your life. How are you going to change, and the thing about, “superpowers” is some people act like you get these powers, but it’s mostly not true. The the superpower-ish thing you do get is the willpower to choice between relapsing or not @aapoorv75


You are right at few places, but saying benefits are for the weak, it is not true. It is like saying dopamine is bad for us. NO, it is not. Exess of Dopamine is bad. If an animal has no Dopamine then he or she will have no motivation left in their like and they will eventually become depressed. So, benefits are good, only up to the point when one take advantage of those benefits for their betterment of life.

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i agree with what radio wrote in his post (probably not about the title :smile: )

There are way to many people asking what benefits people see after a week. Or people stating that they wanna have thicker hair or a girlfriend. And with that they forget what they really should be looking for.

I think we often forget that we have an addiction which behaves in many points similar to other known addictions. (I guess the only major difference that we don’t have a substance which actively destroys organs of our body).
But you wouldn’t come up with the idea to go to an alcoholic or drug addict and say “look at your thin hair! you have to do something about your addiction”

I personally want my life back. I don’t wanna have an addiction which takes up so many hours a day and by that letting me forget all the beautiful and amazing things in life. And I don’t wanna betray my girlfriend by watching porn.
Sure you can call that benefits too

I think it is dangerous if you are always chasing benefits like reversing hair loss or finding a girlfriend. Because these don’t have to be induced by porn. Here in the forum were already many people who got demotivated because they didn’t see the benefits others were talking about.


@aapoorv75 @neveragaintw I gave it that title because I wanted it to sound controversial so people would actually read the post

Its doesnt matter what our reason is to do nofap…the matter is how we are dedicated & what we believe in & what we desire to be then what we actually do…thats all…

Well thoughts bro i like it…

it’s just said if certain benefits people are chasing aren’t real. They will get frustrated and loose the hope that they will ever succeed in life

i agree with you. Benefits are for the weak. Why ?

Most of the people here are because of benefits. Recently, in your success story of 365 days… when a user asked you, What benefits you get ? Your answer was - i dont think about sex all the time and i can do anything i want.
Let me tell you my friend… most of us cant do what we want in our lives… for example : i want to be a social person and when i go outside and meet someone… i cant have a conversation because there is so much fear & anxiety and this is reality. … when i go on longer streaks … my fear and anxiety goes away… that is one of my motivation for nofap.


It takes time don’t fret you’ll get there!

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My flatline ended today, i am experiencing benefits now.
Day 16