Beginning of a new me

Started my nofap Journey today. After struggling for a very long time with admitting I have a problem, to admitting but never doing anything about it, to finally putting my foot down and realising how fulfilling my life should be, should I cast off these binds. I simply cannot live my life like this anymore, my confidence is almost nonexistent, I’m constantly low-energy, nothing gives me any real satisfaction anymore. I struggle to dedicate any time to anyone or anything, my commitment levels are embarrassingly low. Some days I feel great, like I can talk to anyone and be as quick witted as I feel I should be all the time. I feel like my problem has interfered with my bodys consistency and I just can’t seem to get into the rhythm of a normal adult man. I don’t feel like a man, as much as I don’t feel like much of a person either. Sometimes a shell, sometimes a winner, and I just can’t seem to find my place. I’m in the last stages of my application to the Royal Air Force and I’m hoping that will mould me into the man I wish I could be. Unfortunately it will be months before I’m in because of covid-19. This does have the advantage of giving me extra time to get a handle on my life and shift it to where I want to be. My fitness is at the best level its ever been, while that’s not an incredible feat I’m happy that at least I’ve stuck to that and I’m still improving. Hopefully I can just dedicate my time solely to my improvement as a functioning man in society from this day, the day I decided to change my crappy life.


First of congrats on choosing the right path to change yourself, forget about your past it won’t have any use anymore, all we need to think about is our future. You are physical strong and getting into the last stages of joining Royal Air Force is not an easy task. You have started to choose the right path to make your mind strong as you body.

I once again welcome you to this community, we are also same like you with different stories but our goal is same, you can share anything with anyone. Nobody here will judge you, they will support you and motivate you. Be with us stay strong :muscle: we are not alone, we are here together.

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Thank you friend, I appreciate the kind words and support. I’ll be sure to offer mine to anyone who needs it too. We can all achieve our goals together if we support each other.