Beating hard erections


how does one take manage his erections during nofap?
this leads to sexual thoughts, urge to peek into porn or edge before sleeping or during bathing

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Some days are definitively more manageable than others. For me, when I feel stressed is when I have a harder time maintaining myself (erections, wet dreams… etc). But when I feel calm and collected (not stressed) I don’t think about lust. I guess everyone has different triggers, but focusing on hobbies and improving your life in general is the long term solution I would wager.


thanks a lot buddy
you are right
i should be focusing on bigger things

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I know I may sound like a cliched man but trust me meditation is the thing to beat the erection. You’ll be able to watch your thoughts


absolutely agreed, thanks for reminding


Addiction is our"animal" brain taking control, meditation is just the opposite - our human, evolved, aware-of-self mind in control.
Mindfulness is addiction’s natural enemy, it is the way out of this prison

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