Beast_Journey I have started

Day 1
Why I am starting this?
I have really pissed off my gf by forcing her on sexting.
I am 28 and still jobless preparing for Competitive exams but feeling high anxiety and memory loss when exams are near. I am fearing these exams when they are near. When Gf says No to me I text random girls on telegram and ask them to masturbate with me. This is really jerk. I have masturbated to all good relatives, sisters, auntees even mother. I hate myself now. I even thought of masturbating to mother Goddess but somehow I controlled it. I came this low. I masturbate atleast 2 times a day.

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You have a long way to go bro, 150 days, really appreciated…but why u starting on sexting thing and that too forcing someone and that too on Day 1. Stay away from fire bro, if u want to go long…this journey ain’t easy, u need to start consciously putting your actions on productive things atleast for first 10 days after that it should be easy for you to follow for taking your journey to longer Streaks.
All the best bro, keep grinding, keep growing.
God bless!!


Thank you buddy. I did not start sexting today. I have been sexting since 5 years and masturbating on that. I want to leave this habit

150 is too long friend, youll keep relapsing and keep hating you more and labelled yourself as the father of failures.

Just start with the small targets.
Like 10 days or two weeks. Then celebrate on that and give yourself a reward.
Then directly continue to another target like 1 month then onwards.
In this case is easier, 150 days is fucking long dont pressurize yourself.

Even myself i started doing like that with 1 week then 2 weeks then 1 month…
Now im on day 97 streak, im preparing to give myself a reward for first ever to entering 100 days without fapping in the last 12 years.

Ofcoz there were a lot of trial and error processes before reach here but i enjoyed and more motivated of reaching the target after every few days unlike you for your 150 days.
Do something bro.

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Congratulations for coming so long. Okay I understand breaking long targets into shorter intervals but I fear of I keep 10 days I will relapse after 10 days to give me a reward. Okay I have edited the title. Now I will be moving indefinitely.

No problem do what suits you.
As long as the target is fulfilled.
All the best in your journey.

Fap or Death.
Death I choose

So Today I am gonna sleep without doing

Did 35 pushups today

Fap or Death.
Death I choose

Day 3
Maja aara hai ab

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