Be very careful

Warning i’m not a hundred percent sure that this wont act as a trigger so please let me know if I have to change anything.

Ok so i have been in hard mode for the last 23 days and i was controling all the strong thoughts as soon as they used to come in my mind. Only very few times it developed in the body (erection). But it was brought under control by taking a goddesses name ( Om durga devyani namah).

Now yesterday i was reading a magazine the caravan and the main story in it was on rights of sex workers. I didnt event read the article thinking something might act as a trigger. I just turned the pages and glanced through it . Now since than i had numerous full erection and an abnormaly high no. Of thoughts related to having a sex worker with me . It has been very tough since than. Today as soon as i woke up that was again the first thought in my mind.

Brothers be very careful and vigilant of our enemy . Lust is a very strong force and it will not just go away if we start doing pmo and want to be good . It will try to take back its territory every moment of the day . Please let me know if any of u have faced anything similar and how did you guys manage to have a grip on the situation . Also how should i deal with these kind of situations in future because i know this wont be a one time event .


Whenever lust tries to manifest, in public or the internet, I look up to heaven and pray:

“Jesus, I need your strength to walk in the light. Thankyou for protecting me, and helping me fight.”

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