Basically I've lost 13 years of my life since I was 13 due to addictions

The realization is harsh. My youth was numb and lifeless. I didn’t take opportunities. I got lost in PMO and video games. Truth hurts and I’m striving to to get a new grip while getting closer and closer to my 30s.


You are still very young, you can have like 40 or even more years of a lot of sex and social success…
You just have to start now!! Understand that you are an addict, and only working hard everyday you are going to accomplish that…


I feel your pain as i am same as your age and myself a victim of this addiction… Lost My Teenage Like numbness as you have said… nearly got me killed… i dont know how i am still living… but anyway…

Its Never Late to begin something good.


Same. I’ve lost 10+ years unfortunately…

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Yeah, I can feel you brother, I’ve spent more than 9 years in this dark side. Due to this addiction I had never reached the true potential of me, tbh I haven’t had any opportunities because of unskilled me, because of I never showed interest in learning them, because I was too busy consuming P, neither did I cared about those opportunities much, due to this addiction. I was going deep into this trap of consuming new stuff, carving more and more of P. I used to think “what have I become”, “this is not me”. But couldn’t help myself.

But I believe it’s never too late if you realize it and start working on your goals, it’s gonna take a while, but that’s totally worth it.


I totally understand you… That happened to me too, I’m around your age also.
I’d do anything to get to be alone at home when I was around that age.
Everything was kind of gray and senseless, I didn’t make friends, I hurt my brothers, my parents never knew why I was so apathetic towards life, even though I had so much energy when I was a child.
Many will go through all their lives living in a numbness hell like that. Many teenagers today are going this path too, and they started much younger than us, with easier access to heavier content.

It is a public health issue, I think in India and I’m some countriesppl are more aware of that, but here in Brazil masturbation and even pornography consumption is incentivated for teenagers.
It is a sad reality indeed.

We’re the voices against an evil that is profitable and accepted by society, what we are doing here is the beginning of something very important for us and for next generations.


Don’t want to be aggressive.

But at a time of my life i was in the deepest hole of pain and loneliness nobody could help me. I saw what i lost ( even now i’m losing with porn).

I was thinking " i’m so sad lonely " etc etc

But in the end … does life cares about your opinion or your current emotionnal state ?

The question is : What do i do with what has been done to me ?
You live with it or you let it kill you.
People can’t understand you ? ok People are zombies people, they can’t see effect of porn ? ok
What do U do with it ?
It’s always the same question. Even with porn today i changed my life , porn is still here but it’s the next step.

Whatever you loose , if you still can move you can do something about it. (I know it’s hard to see , i was in the same state long ago )


Sometimes I feel that way to, like I’ve wasted so much time. But don’t worry, you’re not late and still young, so make the change.

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Make sure you dont spend any energy on your resentment of what has happened to you. Focus on how this addiction hasn’t destroyed you. Now you can work everyday knowing what it’s like to answer the calls of addiction. You’ll stay in the same state that has filled you with this regret, otherwise.

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