Basic Reboot Group πŸ’―


Yes… Its bcas this group is nt very active like other groups.


I have completed 30 days… Plz upgrade me in fire arena… @AnkitK


Congratulations!! :partying_face: Keep rising like this :+1:

@ShivHanu promoted to fire arena




How did you relapse man? What was the trigger?


Can I join?
Longest streak 37 days
Current 1 day


Add your details in the scoreboard in the famous format. :+1:


Yes, I wanna know too, first Bruce lee, then nishan, then you! After 100 days this is supposed to get easier! I am concerned @17ripu.jhala


I think slowly slowly we are going demotivated and not using sexual energy properly create this type of situation. Hence we end up with a relapse :sob::sob::sob:


Welcome to the group! @Rockstaa


Thanks Brother. :pray::blush::star2::fire:


Welcome to the group @Batish


Thnk u ankit bro.
Is bar maine edit kiya ha scoreboard manta hu…:grinning::laughing::sweat_smile::grinning:


Day 43
Little frausted today but all is well now
Sharing code : b5m3hr


Welcome to the group @weir


Thanks dear, it’s very warm & active group


Yeah, but it’s active only in terms of streak-updating. Keep it active at least in that way.


Suddenly struggling with urges and pain in balls. The message board always helps . I don’t wanna throwaway my 4 months of toil. Help appreciated.


Put your balls and dick in cold water.


Cold showers and let the water run on your parts.


Just checking in to save the group…
5 more days to 150