Basic Reboot Group 💯


Just fking come back.





:fire::fire:90 Days Hard Mode:fire::fire:
Basic Reboot complete :sunglasses:
Next phase begins
#New Year, New Life


Thank you peeps!! Everyone can do it.


Congratulations bro. Such an inspiration you are.

I hope one day I will also reach that phase.


Hey, @Resurrection the group is dead then?


No man, his account exists and we can use the scoreboard. He will return.


Group is alive and well. Update your numbers!


68 days here guys keep strong there us not much time left to new year. Start 2019 with a clean, pure soul. I know you can do it.
Good luck guys :+1:


1 day until 70 boys. Lets get it. Create yourself.


Hi friends, I am new in this platform. My companion code is 63f9c1 please add me with yourself.



Wow kya baat hai . Bahot bahot sabh kamna bhai ko. Sabko Inspire kiya hai tumne. #AnkitK


Wow kya baat hai . Bahot bahot sabh kamna bhai ko. Sabko Inspire kiya hai tumne. #AnkitK


No, its not over… till i am dead.


The truth is we really never die…we just get transformed…all we need to do is make a choice, what is that we want us to be transformed.


Put your name in the scoreboard @nagate


Just checking in to keep this group alive.
:fire::fire::100: Days:fire::fire:


Congrats fellow soldier!


Hello companions, last weeks I was trying out orgasmfree tantric sex (learned from books by Diana Richardson) and for me it is much more enjoyable and wonderful than conventional sex. An amazing way to live pmo-free even in sexual relationships. Still its tricky not to fall into old patterns of conventional sex, orgasm is inevitable then - that has happened this morning… :slight_smile:


Whats up Basic Rebooters! Last day of the year. Im on my 79th day. How is everyone doing?


Feeling positive about New Year.