Badges - the reason I returned

I really enjoyed making the new ranks when I last used this app back in 2019. It’s what brought me back. I remember how good it felt every time I approached a new rank and really motivated me to stay strong. Each rank was a small celebration for me. I even started treating myself to small gifts when I reached a new milestone. I made it to 117 days.

I gave up for 3 years but am finally back and currently at day 3. I am looking forward to my next rank in two more days. The higher the rank the stronger the resolve to keep it.

I just wanted to share this in case the developers read our topics. When I first tried the app, I didn’t care about that aspect, but the higher I got, the prouder I became of my accomplishment. Thank you for making this front and center on the main screen. Even seeing the hours pass and my percentage increase is helpful.

Be well. Stay strong.


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