Badges in Main Screen App? (Suggestion)


Hey, i want to suggest some feature in the app. How about badges in the home screen of the app, near the counter? It would look better and make us more motivated if we can see our badges everytime we open the app, and it says like “2 more days to the next badge!” Or “2 more days to the next badge: Settler”

And if possible, this is one more feature suggestion.

if we are connected to the internet, a text will fade in or come up from any direction and it will says like “You and 1543 peoples are on this badge (now/right now)”, but if we are not connected to the internet, then just dont show it up, or make it says “connect to internet to see how many people on this badge!”

Thats it for now… its very great if these added to the next update :grinning::grinning::grinning:


It’s already on my list, I will add it soon.


Okay taher, and it would be great if you add all the features i mentioned :grinning: