Badges badges BADGES

Can someone explain to me what the problem with badges is? Why did 5569 people reach the 2nd day and 6911 reached the 3rd day, 504 reached the 18th and 511 reached the 21st and so on. As the days get longer, the number of people should decrease. Or maybe I misunderstood something. Explain. Thanks.

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Higher days doesn’t necessarily mean peoples to decrease. People aim 90 days and not 85 so you see this difference there too. No of peoples who jumped on 21 are more in no than 18 days. The pattern of dcrease of people with increase of days follows after 120days and beyond that level.



The understanding is simple: the smaller sequences showed more people because the last relapse was a few days ago. for example, two or three days ago.

Higher sequences have fewer people, because fewer people managed to reach them. not necessarily the number of people with a 60-day streak, for example, represents a faithful data, because the counter depends on the seriousness of the account owner in restarting after a crash or not. But regardless, the counter and badges show a threshold of how many people are in the app and the average number of people in each sequence. the best thing is for you to look at the counter and use your self-assessment for yourself.

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