Bad or Good advice?

Hey guys, i recently received an advice from a guy that hasn’t watching porn anymore. First of all, let me say that I have a mixed feelings about his advice. So, I put it here for discussion.

He said that porn is way worse than masturbation. So, he said to learn to masturbate without watching porn. That way, you can remove porn addiction. The easy peasy book also did mention that dopamine rush is given by watching porn videos and not the masturbation (or orgasms) itself (based on what I read so far).

What do you all think? I have mixed feelings.


Answer is simple,
If you want to experience all the power of nofap then you do semen retention+ no porn

Semen is very precious thing but if you are very badly addicted to porn then you should consider this.

My advice do the one is tough for you ie semen retention + no porn + no peek


I too used to have same feelings bro, I used to think, let me just remove porn from my life, let me masturbate without porn, so that I could lose interest in masturbation for good. But that didn’t seem to happen with me. Porn creates unrealistic amount of dopamine rush even when you are not so horny. It’s not better to stop it gradually, because it will take few more relapses to 1st quit porn then masturbation, so I think you should quit PMO completely right NOW. Looking for gradual processes of quitting won’t work.

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I see. How does semen retention works for married men or men in relationship?

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Sorry bro idk about these things, are you married?

It will be very tough for a married person to do semen retention

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More relapses may one day make us to watch porn. It’s better to stop all now. Thanks for sharing.

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I’m not. But logically thinking, those men may not do semen retention because they make love with their loved one. So, for them, only no porn and masturbation, right? Singles like me, no PMO

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You are right. No pmo is the best for us


@RJ1994 no PMO if you are single. Sex is okay if you’re married, those who refrain from it are single since semen retention helps achieve more while studying etc. Masturbation is biologically not wrong, it’s more of an ideology/spiritual issue. I don’t masturbate because it shows a lack of self-control. Masturbation also increases urges to watch porn many times.


Hey @RJ1994

Think about the kind of person you want to be. Do you want to be the guy that does no P? no PM? no PMO? Whatever matches your values best, go for that. If you do not watch porn but masturbate and feel bad afterwards, well then you know that you’ve got to abstain from that too.

Finish reading the book though…

Take care.

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Yeah bro… first thing… be clear with that what you want to leave… PMO is the whole point… obviously if you do not watch P but continue MO then also things will not improve…

But yeah…this is true… if you watch P then it is very much difficult to leave MO too… it cannot happen without leaving P… so I would suggest… P must be removed first… but then observe ehat is triggering you… how are you doing MO then… becoz that thing will take place of P for your brain to do MO.

In my case… fantasizing took that place of P… but still P is way worse than that.

Whatever…these things are a part of one’s planning… ultimate goal is to leave PMO… moreover becoming a Man… who has a good thinking for opposite gender and not chasing lust… physical pleasure only.


For masterbating you’ll use some sort of visualization that in a sence will affect the way you look at women maybe you won’t look and porn but you will have lustfull eyes for women in general which is not a good thing for a healthy mind yes looking at beautiful women is not wrong but lusting over them will corrupt your vision and view of your self so it’s better not to consider masterbating but it’s your choice I can give you suggestions it’s you have to act on what you want to do

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I agree and I would like to add that you can watch AVRT if after the easyPeasy Method you still dont quit masturbation. Crash Course on AVRT (Rational Recovery) - YouTube

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