Backtracked yet again

I feel like shit. After being able to do 7 days at a time I’ve gone all the way to 1. Its freaking hard I dont even realize it and I do it. I always say it won’t be that bad but it always is. I’ve gotten into a state of depression. I don’t workout anymore like I used to. I lost all motivation to do anything and I just sit in despair feeling bad for myself yet I keep falling down the same hole. Why am I even doing this when I can’t be disciplined enough to keep the rest of my life on track? Why?


I see it as a Prepration for The Goal.

You are preparing for something.

There is a famous quote.
By doing again & again … we master the skill.
A river cuts through the Rock by continous flowing.

Keep Going.

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Nofap, or anything you want to be disciplined about, is NOT all about willpower and motivation. It’s also about creating a supportive environment. Make it inconvenient to do the bad thing and easy to do the good thing. Why have you stopped exercising? What can you do to make it easier for yourself to begin again (baby steps help)? Maybe just promise yourself to enter the gym. After that there are no obligations. Or prepare the gym bag the night before. Or plan 10 minutes of exercise in the morning the night before. Or commit to exercising with someone else. Whatever.

I know how you feeling now. Last time i also relapsed at 7 day and feel like shit. (you can read it in my diary) but you have to understand that this is the process, guilt and shame will disappear at 3 or 4 days and good feelings will happen again. Do your Daily plan. Do not stop it. You know, 7 days it’s a lot anyway, consider you could jerk off every day and you decrease it to once a week. It’s success anyway. Start again, now you know how it feels to relapse. Remember this feelings when you will be at your 7, 77 or 107 day of your journay. The true winner is known not when everything is going great but when everything is bad and he still get up and do it again. I will be watching you like many of us. Let go past and start new journay with the new knowledge.