Back To Basics 2 (PART 3): 20 - 30 days


Bumping the thread like previously.


I’m on day 28

Longest streak is 71 days

ls2nc2 is my code… Add me
I will move on to the next challenge in no time


Day 30 too.
This one was hard. I wanted to relapse. But I fought back. I was sad all the time. It’s hard to accept that the cure is going to take really long before you can feel it.
I can’t get any erection. I’m not interested in any girl. I hope not giving up for the next round.
It’s really strange. I achieve something that I didn’t success doing for more than 3 years, but I’m sad…

See you my Friends. I’m still going on the next round filled with fear


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@Taher here is thread three


This part also done :heavy_check_mark::metal:
Moving on to the next part :surfing_man: