Back To Basics 2 (PART 3): 20 - 30 days

Bumping the thread like previously.

I’m on day 28

Longest streak is 71 days

ls2nc2 is my code… Add me
I will move on to the next challenge in no time

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Day 30 too.
This one was hard. I wanted to relapse. But I fought back. I was sad all the time. It’s hard to accept that the cure is going to take really long before you can feel it.
I can’t get any erection. I’m not interested in any girl. I hope not giving up for the next round.
It’s really strange. I achieve something that I didn’t success doing for more than 3 years, but I’m sad…

See you my Friends. I’m still going on the next round filled with fear


Autobump one two three!

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@Taher here is thread three

This part also done :heavy_check_mark::metal:
Moving on to the next part :surfing_man:

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Joining the crickets :cricket: in this part of the challenge ^^


:joy: I’m a cricket

I was on vacation so pmo and this app wasn’t on my mind at all. It was great and I may do it again soon, as a reward for hitting a high milestone like 50days.

But now, I’m back. Guess it’s just me and you now until those others catch up again

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@chady025 welcome back! Glad to hear you had a good time enjoying life :slight_smile:
Day 21, been keeping busy myself to keep my mind off things, on a roll and don’t want to loose the momentum now.


Update: on the cusp of 24days.
Had my first major urge today since day 4. Took every technique in my arsenal to fend it off - the title of my current badge “Defender” seems very appropriate lol

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Halfway through day27. Realised I don’t feel the urge to watch porn so much as I do to fantasize about girls I’ve been with/am currently talking to.

Can’t do anything about this for the while since I decided on 30days no sex (started on July 2nd).

Been cool though because I’m keeping the conversations very non-sexual and getting to know them better.
I’ve never been able to just talk to anyone for a month without getting physical (i/she usually lose interest before then) so this is it’s own mini challenge.

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…anddddd, back to part 1.
27days, 30mins. Feeling pretty fkin’ accomplished. Displeased with myself too, but this is literally 10days more than my prior record so I really can’t beat myself up too much.
Gonna bounce right back; I feel great, like the relapse was a stepping stone to better things.
@Doombaby you’re on your own from here on out! Sorry mate.

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I have completed 30 days back to basics part -3 challenge today. Let’s go for another higher challenges…:running_man::running_man::running_man:


Moving to the next part :v:


Just joined and going strong for 30!


Back in the game. It’s been a while y’all. My record is 16 days. I’m going for 21 this time. I’m in a long distance relationship and next time I see my lover is in 21 so trying to reserve my energy. Peace!

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Hey y’all. This topic seems a little dead. Anybody still out there?


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They’ve either moved on to the next part (4), or fallen and have had to go back to part 1 (like me😫 )