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Hi, All I am back on the forum after 5 months because i was involved in some personal work i was not able to be active on the forum but in 5 months i was able to make a long streak but it broke 2 weeks back and now i m creating new streak, since i was absent i lost a couple of companions so if u want to join me please add me as ur companion.

Sharing code - mymcsp

Current streak - 14 days
Highest streak - 150 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - Ind


Bro first of all,I welcome you in rejoining RC community,and also congratulations to achieve 150 days streak - it’s legendary figure. Would you mind telling us what are the benefits that you observed in that period ??
I’m on my first ever attempt to achieve 90 days streak,your benefits would act as motivating force for me


Thanks @Roads_to_purity I ll tell you some benefits.

  1. Hard erection.
  2. More conscious about ur enviriment as ur burnt receptors begin to repair.
  3. Not feeling nervous when ur relative touch ur phone.
  4. Makking good eye contact.
    List goes on and on till u will enter flatline when u become most depresses.
    My friend i hv found out that we need at least 1 year to fully recover.
    I also found that to make a good streak we need countless relapses.
    There is one book that i will recommend u that helped me alot “outwitting the devil” by napoleon hill

Bro u will get a lot of wet dream in beggining i used to get first in first 2 weeks but slowly it stopped. This is because we hv trained our mind to do fapping dutifully. Thats why i said it takes 1 year to heal someone.
During ur nofap strictly avoid any arousing material be it text,video, image and read spiritual read holy books and biogeaphies of great saints and men fill ur mind in all good stuff. “U NEED TO DEVELOP A HIGHER TASTE TO DISCARD THE LOWER ONE”
and read the book i mentioned u.

If u want guidance ask me anytime

Welcome back @J0KER bro…
Happy to see you again here…


Hey man, I added you as a companion. First day here. My longest streak is 66 days but unfortunately I fell back in the trap and ended up becoming a chronic fapper again.

Now I approach this with a new mindset. This time, I will not attach my ego to the outcome. I used to be so hard on myself whenever I relapsed and I realized that does nothing good for me and even causes me to relapse more. Now I know that whether I relapse or I don’t, that will not takeaway from the time and effort I put in.

Goodluck to everyone here!! Wishing you all success in this journey



Bro read the easypeasy book very hepfful

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Where do I find this?

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I’m a 23 virgin Christian male who is here with them struggles as well but willing to work together with others so that we can both support each other in these difficult times. My share code ixngs2

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Visit that website & read book online or else there you can download pdf too…

Bro did u change ur name was it just adioz before.

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Yeah I am the same guy who’s name was “adioz”
Created another account… After leaving this forum permanently came back again.

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Join me bro
Sharing code: mymcsp

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Here is my code…

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Done @Adioz_aka_Adidas

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Brother currently my streaks are going downslope…
Just wait I will be back… With more enthu and determination

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Bro there is one book which helped me a lot u shuld read too.
“Outwitting the devil” by napoleon hill.
It is a form of interview with devil who tells the methods of hypnotic rythm an habit of drifting i think u should read too.

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I add that in my bookshelf list.

Thanks you very much bro

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