Back again, and question about sex with couple

Hello, Im new here… but once I have succeed doing nofap for 6 months… then I fap again, and find some encounter with girls… long story short, Im back again with porn and fap now after 2 years from that time I succeed… The sex I have now with a girl dont fullfill me, its like im not really into her… what should I do? I feel bad if I broke with her just because sex issue… everytime after I have sex with her, it gives me urge to fapping and watching porn… any experience about this phenomenon? I want to back again at PMO since i feel like my rewire has gone and want to get it again, and maybe for forever this time not just 6 months


Hi @Sins

Porn distorts the ideas of real sex. Please remember that the people doing sex in the porn videos are actually actors and actresses and since the porn industry is very big, they know very well how to film unrealistic things so that they can arouse us more and more and we remain stuck in the porn addiction, watching porn again and again. The problem you are mentioning is likely because by watching the unrealistic things in the porn, you expect the real sex to be just like that and you expect it to provide excitement equal to porn.

The solution for this is to just leave porn and give time to your brain so that it can rewire again to its default state. If you keep watching porn, it will push you away from recovery. Hence, please focus on refraining from porn. Once your brain is back to its original state, you will start enjoying the real sex again. In my personal opinion, it is not wise to leave a good girl just because you are having sex issues with her, that too likely because of the consumption of porn.


Sex OR Fap … Goal is common.
To experience that bliss … Orgasm.

Alas ! We never get enough of it.
Alas ! After the act … we are miserable again… we feel cheated…

We want complete satisfaction.

They say Enlightenment gives complete satisfaction.


Hi guys …I want to share the information to which I come to know I don’t know how many of you are aware of this but this is completely shocking fr me …

I really don’t have much experience of porn… actually till nw I was not knowing that it is available free of cost…hahaha…
But I sometimes I try to get knowledge of this industry that how it works…I come to know that more that 80 % of girls really don’t want to be there …porn is just like exploitations of those many precious lives also we can say that it is just like rape on camera which they are really forced to give expression which you people like to see…if it is them there might be possible that tomorrow we or our love once be trapped there…
So really guys if you want stop there exploitation , if u want to stop trafficking of such helpless please try to stop incresing demand of this industry …it is for good for you at the same time for society as a whole .


I completely agree with @roshni . Please remember that we need to stop supporting something which is exploiting a gender which is half of the population. We need to view girls as human beings (who has personality, emotions etc.) rather than just someone whom we can use for our sexual pleasure.


But dear it is not only girls who are exploited .


We must focus on society where everyone is treated equally.


Yeah! It exploits males too. It’s my bad that I did not touch this point. Men who are acting there also have to take painful injections to perform the way they do. They are exploited in other ways too. It exploits both genders. I am sorry for not touching this in my earlier post.


If this the situation I would definitely like to work fr this innocent ones…I will educated many and also try to remove confusions and train there mind In positive direction.
As I have a good skill of speech along with convening power I will definitely use this for good of many…
I promise.



You are on right path. Keep Going.

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Hey guys, I will tell anyone in this forum. “READ SRIMAD BHAGVAD GITA”


Exactly I watched a video of ex pornstar Shelley lubben she is no more due std’s she tells the dark side of porn industry

Bro I watch ramayan these days and it really helped me alot


Good luck brother. If we watch good things then our mind will clean bad things. This is the simple process to clear unnecessary files from brain.

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Absolutely correct bro

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