August 2021 (to be the great and shiney again🌟⚡)

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Today is 31st July i am here to write down my upcoming August and i will do it with my heart :black_heart:
I think i have to write to express my feelings everyday so i feel light , and my mind :zap: don’t goes to pmo i think with this i can support my self to stand again . I lose after 48 days streak on july last week maybe …god help me give me some strength …

So, yesterday was 1st aug and i was like feeling nothing vacant neither happy nor sad but a little guilt about how much time i have losted in this …my mood swing 4 times a dày…in morning it was vacant but a little happy …at noon was studying anxious about future, at evening i was at the peak of sadness nothingness and hoping for someone to help me out …at night i had my meals andwatch some web shows and releases a little amount of stress via show amd slept with the guilt of my last relapsed.

Yesterday was 2 aug and a very little very little almost 0.0001% happiness inside my pocket due to uninstallation of social media i become more productive than last day next day will restart learning new language and also keep drawing in my packup time …i was a little bit happier than 1 st aug that all .


Its 9 th of August and i am not happy but blessed to be alive …on streak almost 5 days…again blacknss knocks on my door with all my efforts i close the mind named door on these kind of visiters’ face …