Aufruhr's Diary

2 Days Completed

Benefits: I used to need a nap, but now I have more energy


The urges are there, I try to ignore them by doing some exercise

But my mind is broken, it’s awful how I behave I’m like a 12 y/o kid who saw a pretty girl. I’m feeling bad because I just look women’s boobs or ass without caring anything and I can’t even talk to them, I’m being a moron.


Ok, the name Diary it’s a lie because I can’t tell new things everyday, but

I’m figthing for just watch women’s eyes instead of boobs or ass

My grades at university are going up

I’m going to the gym twice a week.

And last but no least. I’m on my 4th day without PMO🎉

I guess it’s not bad

Edit: I almost relapsed but I took a cold shower and nothing happened… The badge of 5 days is coming!

Well, it’s day 5, maybe the longest streak that I have ever had

Benefits: After day 4 the urges get lower, they continue there, but they lose strength or maybe I won mental strength (? Idk

The point is day 5 it’s normal (at least for me) not to much problems with my mind or anything.

Stay strong guys.

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Day 7 Let’s go!

Actually my will is amazing, but the problem is my mind I’m seriously thinking about call a prostitute just to have sex and reach the orgasm, but that also count as PMO, right? Idk, as we can see the voice in my head is desperate so am I? I don’t understand how this works tbh.

Well guys, Day 7
Benefits (at least mine):

-More energy as day 4

-More productivity, maybe now that I don’t want to fap I prefer start doing some other activities, that’s great.

Have a great day🎉

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Well, that was my longest streak, Let’s see if I can reach day 14 or even more

I’m not sad or angry… Maybe a little disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world, I will write here again on my day #8

See you guys

Day #8

Yeah buddy!!

Well, ngl I think we all have seen those videos about NF benefits and I don’t believe 100% in that videos because I’m sure that just stopping PMO won’t change completely my life. I have to make efforts I have to socialize, go to the gym, get good grades at university, besides count the days I have to make the days count, we all have to. Let’s do it guys​:sunglasses::v:t2:

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I told you I won’t write every day

Day #14

I feel better with myself.

I’m making new friends and changing things that I don’t like from me

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Well, From 0 again, see you

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