Audible and Your brain on [redacted]

Hope you’re having an awesome day, just wanted to make a quick recommendation, have you ever heard of audible? It’s the audio books stream service of Amazon, there’s this famous book about prn addiction called Your brain on pxrn, it boils down a lot of the things rebooters have said since the start of high speed prn and also adds clinically tested facts about this issue.
It has been a great help for me, since I understand a lot more about my addiction. They have a free trial month, and they give you one credit that you can use to adquiere it, I think it persists even after the end of your trial, so give it a Go!


this reads like an ad but thank you! I have tried audible in the past and found it very useful. I manage to get through audiobooks in a day or two but reading the book myself would take at least a week. Audiobooks greatly speed up the process


I am currently working on my salesman skills :rofl:

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