Assistance For The Battle We Aspire To Win

Hey can anyone tell me some exercises to do at the time of the urge hitting and to reduce its effect​:pray::pray:

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U can do meditation or 10-15 push-ups … u can Easily tackle urges if u follow these . And if the urges still don’t go , take a cold shower that will definitely kill fuckin urges .

  1. I know that the urges are normal and that they wont stay for long, so I wait it out.

  2. I will get up from bed and talk with my family.

  3. I pray

  4. I wont hold my mobile.

  5. Go out / or on terrace and clear my thoughts

  6. I tell myself that I will fap after 10 mins. After 10 mins, the urge would have went away and then I wont fap.

  7. I start remembering why I started nofap journey and why I want to keep going.

  8. I think about how far I came and is it worth to undo all of it?

  9. I think about how I wanted to be in the future by doing this nofap, so I find the strength to resist the urge without fapping.

  10. Write on a piece of paper regarding why you have to resist an urge, and open that paper and read it during an urge.

  11. I think about the bigger picture instead of short term pleasure. We should train our head for that.

  12. You can try doing breathing excersise. 4-7-8 rule… Inhale into stomach for 4 secs, keep the air in stomach for 7 seconds and exhale slowly through mouth for 8 seconds. Keep repeating while feeling your stomach filled with air and air leaving stomach, all while counting the numbers. It helps you to turn your focus from the urge.