Ashwagandha benefits for flatline

Ashwagandha has numerous benefits
But most important ones are

  1. Fighting stress and depression
  2. Boosting testosteron
  3. Taking care of overall health

People during nofap can take this there daily diet as after some time during flatline people feel depressed and less motivated
This ancient herb can help you to feel good and also help you to fight physical and mental fatigue

Buy it in powder form
Take one tablespoon of this with a glass of warm milk in night
It also promote good sleep

For indians try buying patanjali Ashwagandha as its not adulterated
Its cost is also low
Do try out

You can also do your research

I have heard about of the benefits of having ashwagandha and even experienced some of them.
But my honest opinion is that dont have this during flat line. Flatline is the natural healing process. Dont try to disturb/alter this process… this might take long but body will heal naturally… Ashwagandha or Shilajit can give a energy boost and good feel but I doubt if that stays forever.

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Flatline is the process of rebooting
Is not that u r altering that thing or anything
Its just u r balancing ur chemical reactions which leads to anxiety or stress in that period
And basically its a herb with no side effects( not combining with other medications)
And nothings last in the material world that should be understood
Thats why using it for 2-3 months then stopping it for 15-20 days so that body dont get used to it

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Plz delete your topic. Because …

I have used ashwagandha for 2 months.

It is very bad for the stomach. I had to face digestion problems.
It induces fake sleep.
By fake sleep… i mean… some people says … smoke marijuna… smoke weed… smoke cannabis… because it is a plant medicine… and it relaxes you… it is a solution for anxiety & depression.
These people are all like frogs which runs from one well just to fall in another.

Flatline is a Boon in disguise

It is very crucial & necessary to destroy the Ego and for the ultimate healing of sick people.

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If isnt working for you doesn’t mean wont work on anyone
Plus there is no fake sleep man ( if u r faking to sleep)
And yes weed is actually good and healing for body (u can say much better than cigarette) but just because media doesnt let u know what properties are there

Talking about being frogs
People daily eat junk foods and things to satisfy there tongue and brother thats a high indeed
What people do during flatline
Jerk off right!!! Then giving motivation that dont loose hope
Brother they dont need motivation okay
They need will
And better lifestyle
And i dont know how well u r doing
And if u r doing well why u still in this forums
But if u accomplished it then just get back to ur daily life and thats a challenge u should take