Ash's Diary - Daily Journey

oh okayy so should I tell him :thinking:

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I tagged him here he’ll see.
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ohh i got it thank you

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so i basically didn’t do much today
just eat sleep repeat
relax n chill
theory papers are over so
I’m relaxed
played lots of game today cause blocker was on all this time during exams couldn’t open the games😬
what surprises me is my current streak is 8 day 22 hrs
in the past couple of months I never came this far
it was hardly 4 days or max 6
maybe because i want to focus on exams n don’t wanna take a risk viva is still remaining :grimacing:
anyway i gave myself some time
listened enjoyed favourite music
that’s all


today was very busy day
from 9 am to 3
i was in prosthodontics lab completing exam work
tirelessly without havin lunch or anything
so my work is half way done
rest I’ll do later
then went to cafeteria with Friends
where discussed n talked about
past not in the sad way though we
just shared our past experiences n
well everyone kinda liked my ex😄
idk why i Felt happy about that
it was odd :unamused:
then they suggested me that
now that me n my ex has started talking normally after gap of all these years
now we are better human beings emotionally,
our career is stable
we should we give it a chance
i kept thinking about it all the way back home
n it kinda made me sad remembering why the things ended n how ended
n maybe if we get back together again it won’t work one of us will leave again
or maybe it will work n we’ll have a happily ever after
but I’m afraid to take a step
fear of rejection n betrayal again is worse fear
soo i have just decided to keep it aside for a while n focus on the things which are in my hands
like my studies n practical
I’m sad cause i didn’t get the answer from myself
my innerself is confused n afraid
but a person can’t be happy all the time or can’t be sad all the time
this too shall pass :sweat_smile:
anyway I’m close to makin 10 days
this is the farthest I’ve come in months
so there’s one reason to smile :innocent:
so I’ll continue to do what i can do
what’s meant to be will be
so that’s all was today


today started out good
everything was ok n fine
until i decided to sleep in the afternoon knowing i always get triggered if i sleep in noon
still i slept anyway
n then the weird visuals started appearing
i became so horny
so normally i read some adult novels so started reading one
didn’t realised until i was this close to orgasm
so just bolted up from my bed went to wash hands n face
still felt very guilty sad
all the pent up frustration pain started to show up
but at first i ignored it by dancing n eating
but in the evening i couldn’t control it
so closed the door.
n the tears just started to come out on their own
i couldn’t control them anymore
so i cried for 1 solid hour
After that i became silent n relieved
sad but fine
i hope i face tomorrow with fresh mind n courage
enough with crying n pitying myself
i came this far
i won’t stop or give up
that’s it for today


Just keep going bro. You are doing good, don’t turn back now.

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i won’t bro
I’ve got 10 days
i can’t start from 0 all over again
i won’t give up now


Yeah there’s no point in returning.
It just leads to stress and guilt. Life without it is pretty great


today was my conservative preclinics exam
got up at 5
prepared for viva
then went to clg at 8.15
practical exam started at 9.30
did 2 cavities 1 inlay 1 amalgam
both cavities were good
n done in 20 min
although cavity base application was not good
i couldn’t complete it in 15 min
but inlay was good
wax pattern was great
so got through the exam
external said it’s okay your inlay is good.
after exam
went to prosthodontics for fabrication of rims
did that till 2
After that ate lunch got home
didn’t do much
just relaxed ate peacefully
then in the evening did pooja
then studied about 1 or 2 topics for tomorrow
then ate maggie for dinner
overall it was a good day
that’s all for today


well today was
but i got up late forgot to set up alarm last night
so did the last minute preparation in hurry
went to clg gave an exam

viva was not good
but practical n all was great

got home i was so so tired had lunch n watched nice comedy series then slept for 20 min hardly

started to study but couldn’t focus

then had a cup of tea then started studying
evening did pooja
had dinner
then again studied ,
listened to some music
so far I’ve covered half part
half part I’ll cover Tomorrow
cause i couldn’t sit n study peacefully I’m soo tired

so that’s it gn tc


today was nice day

got up at 4 studied till 6.30
had a nice bath at 6.40
continued to prepare for pharmac practical exam

rushed to clg at 8.15
in the clg exam was good
although drug of choice n ccr was thik thik
but tooth powder preparation was excellent
viva was nice too
so overall exam was good

then had lunch at canteen
went to prosthodontics again
the rims took alot of time that part was disappointing
so anyway I’ll complete mounting tomorrow

I’m kinda relaxed n feeling peaceful right now

hardwork n stayin sober helped me alot
so I’m gonna continue stayin sober
n work hard on improving myself



i woke up at 7 today slept peacefully for 6 good hours after weeks
did breakfast bath n pooja till 8.40
went to clg
did some last pre exam work
got it signed

went to canteen with friends had some nice time with them

came home didn’t do much just
sitting n relaxing listening to my favourite music
watching the series
which I’ve waited for to release
watched 2 episodes 3rd is yet to come

then idk I’m sleeping alot today
it’s like my body is trying to recover from all the exertion

so didn’t do much just spent time with myself today played games watched sitcom
soon I’ll gain 15 days streak within hrs
so far so good.

gn tc


Is it Dhindhora by Bhuvan Bam?

Keep going, you are doing great


no it’s legacies season 4


You watching it bro?, I watched the 2nd episode today…

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I am planning to, haven’t watched yet.
Is it good?

Oh ok, haven’t watched that one

it’s spin off of the originals
the originals was very good though as compared to legacies

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Oh cool! I haven’t scene the originals either :joy:
I am more of a sitcom person

I’m also into sitcom
but kinda have a thing for supernatural series

sitcom me mom, friends, how i met ur mother are the ones i have seen they all are nice

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