Arrows of Fire Diary {21M}

Hi! Am Parikshit (21 M). Out of all difficult things in my life, journalising has been one. It’s not that I never wanted to write or …(some excuse I could put up). It’s because I am really emotionally unstable. I feel drained to recall things that happened in my day to day life.

Never the less, this time I would try to jot down them. But I would like to state the reasons for my journalising or else I would stop it with some excuse.

  1. I want to have an accountability on myself
  2. I want to flush out my emotions in my diary. Living with them have really made me unstable.
  3. I would appreciate friends in my journey with whom I can relate and have conversations with.

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Welcome to the community

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@Amitroghates thanks brother. It would be an interesting journey here on.



Day 1

Even before beginning days properly, I had to face defeat. That’s not how I wanted to start. Still I have to go on. And therefore with much accumulated will and courage, am back again.

I remained busy today (mostly).Had some great food and had conversation with my cousin sisters. Though I can’t term them productive but it felt good to let out my expressions after many days.

I myself even didn’t do something superbly productive or something that I can really call as “work”. What so ever, I passed Day 1.


Shiva & Vishnu are good friends. :smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:



Day 1

Guilt and shame probably didn’t allow me to write my journal. Relapses after relapses…I was tired. I didn’t feel like to write or even merely express myself.
Today I remained busy watching India vs England match. What a match it was!!! I honestly didn’t feel that we would win and that too by a mark of 100 runs. But the exceptional play by our players created magic on field and made the impossible happen.

Though, I think… I should take some lessons from the approach of our team. I do have a very bad habit of procrastinating things or even worse accepting defeats when even minor problems arise. It requires a courageous and brave heart to accept challenges and fight. Let the results just remain results. Fighting has it’s own fun.

Next plan of action:

I have already wasted/procrastinated a month. I need to get back to my preparation asap. I will prepare the routine by tonight and start implementing from tomorrow onwards.


Day 1

This pains me to see that I have written my diary more than two weeks ago. Not that I didn’t feel to write but I couldn’t. All due to constant relapses and even the inability to cross Day 2 mark. What wrongs have I done? Preferably nothing. Yet I don’t know what happens just when the urges hit. I become a mad man. Running to get that dopamine and serotonin rush no matter what. Even if costs me my health and happiness. I sometimes seem to question my existence.
Ah!!! I don’t know when I will get a respite from all of this. God provide me strength.

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you relapse after watching ■■■■ or something else.?

i would say take a paper and write why you wanna stop fapping.
you can not do anything without knowing why to do that thing. Find a reason and apply your energy for that purpose


Yaa. I also thought about it. But trust me bro am in such bad condition that even it seems I don’t wanna commit to something.
In past, I have tried, promised and did many pledges. Nothing worked. Now would again a commitment paper or why I want to do paper help me?
I don’t know.
Still I would try to prepare a sheet.

Thanks for the recommendation bro @Changed_one

i have been in worse situation, all these are excuses

do one thing spend some time here, read people diary from start,
I can’t advise you to do this because my method of stopping urges is the opposite and it only works for me.

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Yeah my friend. I totally agree with you and therefore am trying to put up preventive measures. I hope this time I won’t loose to excuses, let alone urges.