Arm injury for a week

So, I was able to maintain a 10 days streak on a workout plan. This is the first time in my life I exercised and thankfully it is showing results both on my body and on my journey in NoFap.
I used to play pushups whenever an urge arrives, and used to follow a dumbbell workout plan.

However, I got injured in a muscle in my arm and I may not be able to workout for the next week or so.

I am asking if there is something else I could replace my workout with. Not only for NoFap, but also physically to maintain this workout.
Also does anyone know some exercises which does not require hard arm muscles?
I would appreciate any help

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You can work on your legs and abs. Both of them doesn’t require arm support. You can legit do any of the workouts in the series below.

Thank you very much. I will take a look at them.

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Yes I do run on a daily basis, but also I do arm workout too.


I recommend you do full body workouts and not just arms. Your physique will be more balanced that way

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