Are you on NO-FAP? Write Before and After

Tell me the changes you felt after atleast 30 days of NOFAP.


I still remember my benifits after 33 days streak 2 years ago!
#1. Concentration power boosts up!

#2. You have the courage to face low situations of your life

#3. You fall less sick.

#4. Your face starts to glow up.

#5… You are not afraid to do hard tasks.

#6. Less social anxiety

#7. Everything seems wonderful

#8. You like spendingg time with family.

#9. Youu know what to do in the right way…

There are many more, these are based on my personal experience.


As of today, I’m 31 days clean from Masterbation and 73 days clean from Pornography.

I feel amazing. I took a cold :cold_face: shower :shower: this morning, which made me feel even better. But yeah, my level of confidence and motivation has increased dramatically. I don’t have any feelings of guilt nor shame. I’m not self conscious. I have no anxiety. I have more energy. I’m at peace. I’m emotionally stable. I’m goal oriented. Plus, I’m not experiencing any powerful urges, but rather I have more control over my body.

That’s my experience. I wouldn’t have made it this far without the Nofap Community. Thanks you guys.

Stay Clean, Stay Focused, Stay Healthy, and Stay Happy. :v:

Nicholas/24/VA Beach, VA :us:


My Current Streak is 40 days.
Here are the before and after changes.

  1. Better Concentration
  2. Better Self-esteem.
  3. Self Awareness improved.
  4. No Brain Fog.
  5. Increased Procastination ( Don’t know why ).

Correct brother.
Best of Luck for your journey.


Agree brother. I am on 50 days streak.

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Try doing exercise/yoga. Or play some sports.

Btw best of luck.

My streak is 39 days… Now itself I’m feeling like Thanos+Iorn man