Are these Foods unhealthy for nofap?

I want to know that what I am consuming daily is healthy or not. I am vegetarian.
Earlier , I used to take junk and packet foods(chip, toffees,etc) almost daily. But for last 5 months , I have reduced 90% consumption of these.Now , I only take them while hanging out with friends. Are these foods in limitation ok Or should I just completely quit them?
It won’t be a big issue for me to quit them.(As i have already reduced 90%)

And I want to know about homemade foods too.(these are Indian dishes)

  1. Tea
  2. Pakode
  3. Paranthe
  4. Bread toasts or dishes made from bread
  5. And other fried Snacks in oil

How about taking them in limit and Specially for tea , Should we take it and if yes (how much)?

I am 16 years old , and I barely go anywhere as Schools are closed . No physical work for me except 5-10 mins workout.

Dont eat pakode, samose or any other oily food.

Drink green tea once in the evening, sometimes tea is also great for health.

I am telling you this, but the truth is I still eat oily food


How about paranthe ? They contains little oil.

Onion , garlic , non veg , eggs , chilli these all are not good for NOFAP.

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And sugar too , I guess

Yes… it is called white poison.

Use ghee, not oil. It is very tasty :yum:

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Yes. Ghee is very beneficial.

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I guess ghee is better than Butter as it is unsaturated ,correct me if I am wrong

Yes. Ghee is very ancient …