Are these a relapse?

  1. Watching porn no masterbation

2 masterbation but not porn

2nd is a relapse
First one will lead to relapse if u won’t stop

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Both are relapse but depends on the viewer as well

If someone is addicted to porn, 1st one is a relapse for sure.
Relapse means going back to do something you had been addicted to.
Some people might not want to consider 2nd one as a relapse because masturbation alone isn’t as destructive as pornography.
Porn is a superstimulus which destroys our dopamine receptors and unless we get rid of it completely recovery from this addiction isn’t possible, so it is a relapse.
Saying that watching porn isn’t a relapse is like saying a person who used to be alcoholic had alcohol but didn’t get high means he didn’t relapse, which is stupid.


Both are a relapse, porn won’t give u the dopamine immediately, it’ll give gradually
The 3 are relapses the difference is the duration it gives u dopamine
first one gives u a rush of dopamine
2nd and 3rd give u the dopamine gradually, slowly and u won’t feel it

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