Are there any 30+ year olds? SHARE your story

If your in your thirties like me we’ve likely to have been fapping alot longer, Over 25 years for me!! and I believe it’s had a major impact I’m only realisimg now! How has it affected you? Relationship/Work? Share you story…


If u r married, pls tell the difference between natural sex and porn. Does marriage helps in quitting if one is addicted to PMO?


I am not married no, but I have friends that were and porn addiction has ruined their sex lives and relationship. If you have a porn addiction and your in a relationship that’s a huge problem that will surface itself, it’s a sinking ship if nothing is done. I feel blessed to be dealing with this single!


Right… So it’s better if we deal with this problem before marriage. Understood.

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Yes and you would be considered one of the lucky ones as doing this within a relationship with pre-existing beliefs, habits & behaviours can be more challenging.

I would look into Semen Retention as part of a lifestyle which means learning how to work with your sexual energy. And so when it comes to having sex with your partner you will be able to cultivate a healthy, intimate, rewarding, long lasting sexual relationship. The kind of relationship that is rare, because we have forgotten ancient knowledge and divine wisdom. Eventually you may get to the point where those who are masters of their sexual energy can achieve full body dry orgasm without ejaculation and loss of your vital life force. Take it step by step because we’re all relearning how to be better humans in every way. Peace :v:

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Oh wow… That’s quite motivating.

I’m 36 and I have a girlfriend for almost 1 and a half year. I’m always clear when I get with someone and tell them the problem I have with P. But usually after that this is a subject that is never touched again. I see great difference in sex when I’m in a long streak. I feel more connected to her.
I feel that it’s easier because I’m older, but I didn’t break free yet. I really wish this year I can do it. Stop and never look back.


Thanks for sharing man, just to let you know I have a 90 day no fap group on telegram (link in my bio) if your interested, and also what’s your code and I will follow you ! So great that your working on it man, so many guys still lost


Thanks man! My code is 7kp2qq I’ll add you too! It’s been tough but I’m going

Last days been really hard for me. I feel tired and my body hurts all the time, I have no energy to do anything. Last week I woke up early and went running, was feeling great,but after 2 days doing it I was wasted. Any tips on how to overcome this?

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What is your routine mate?

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Hey man follow me back, also is this your longest streak?

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Today’s date is April 3rd.

On April 5th, I turn 32.

My addiction began February 2020 when I was 29 and 10 months in age.

Having never masterbated before that age, I was someone considered clean for that time period.

I never had a girlfriend and still don’t have one.

Loneliness from the pandemic put me at an extremely low level that PMO became my substitute for Loneliness.

After 6 months into the addiction, I started feeling the sadness, the depression, the anxiety.

I started researching this addiction and eventually joined this app.

I saw a pattern and was relapsing 12 to 16 times a month.

My job changed and a new pattern appeared.

I am making a new effort every day, but have my own struggles still.


I sleep about 10pm, wake up like 4, 5 in the morning. I work a little if I wake too early and then go for running at 6 am. After that I walk my dog and eat cereals and soy milk (am vegetarian but still consume egg).

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No, I’ve already been two years streak


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