App crashing after update

I am facing app crash after update.

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What action is leading to crash?

Application crashing after 3-5 seconds

As i click on any option,it got crashed

Is it a Xiaomi device?

Yes its xiaomi 3s prime

I have pushed out a fix it will available to download within a hour or so

Thank you so much :blush::blush::blush::blush:

I can’t see my companions list :expressionless:

Tried refreshing? If yes then send a screenshot of the error

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After refreshing

Another issue-Points are not updating in message board…

Logout and login again

They are working the calculation works differently now.

Check now and see if it’s working?

Login again but the crashing issue is back there again.

Working fine without login,but after login it crashes every time

Agora foi pior! Não consigo nem fazer login e ainda

aparece a seguinte imagem

Dá erro!

What does it say when you try and login?

Nothing,it just close itself.