Apart from NOFAP, what are the important things is need of the hour?

Ok, keeping no pmo aside. Just think, close your eyes. What are you now, what you want to become and where are you now in the ladder. Just ask yourself these questions everyday. Eventually you will have a boost of trigger to achieve your goals.
But whatelse is important for life, it may not be sprituality, success, destiny, peace, money, energy etc and so on.

Apart from all of these, there must be something unknown, or unattainable. What is it ?

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Mental endurance. That’s my answer.
Ability to keep up with the hardships and falling in love with sufferings. Ability to push through even if situations seem impossible to conquer. This isn’t about winning, this is realizing that you’re not strong enough yet moving forward. It doesn’t matter how scared you are, it doesn’t matter how fucked up you are, none of the petty reasons that plague you should matter at all. All that matters is the drive to move forward.
That’s something I really need badly. I’ve been running away from problems all my life. I just don’t want to do that anymore. Time sure takes its course to change the tendencies.

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Yeah bro, absolutely. Universal truth :100:

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