Anyone wants to help?

Hi, I am Anne, 27 F. I’ve managed to be “free” from this addiction for 2 months but I relapsed yesterday… I am new here, I hope this app and this community will help me in this neverending struggle.

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Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 2 months
Age - 27
Gender - F
Location - PL

Why I want a companion - To motivate and support each other.


Added you. Let’s beat this together.

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I would like to be one of them.

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It has an end.

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Thank you all for answers:) @HappySoul I know that you are probably right and I am being overdramatic, but sometimes it just feels like it will go on forever:/


@anne I can understand how it feels in initial days. After some days, feelings will change.
When I get an urge, I recall the fact that if I relapse, pmo will make my future offsprings weak, physically and mentally. Then I am able to control. If a boy/girl is not able to do it, a father/mother can do it.
Don’t worry. Keep going strong


Relapsing always ends 1 way. In extreme guilt, disappointment, and frustration. It’s never a good thing. You’ve just got to discipline your own body. Whenever you feel like relapsing just remember how you will feel after and how it will just continue the cycle. Just keep going and things will get better soon.


Okay added you. Add me back

I m also new here… people here are supporting and I found it a nice place…
Confident enough to get away from all this habits. We all can together win over this​:grinning::grinning:


I really hope so too:)


Add me code – nlyxyt.
I will add back :hugs:

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