Anyone triying brahmacharya?

i triying to control and trasmute the sexual energy, hard to handle, i supress the external activity , but still are there al de lows, msybe even more hungry, will it change on time?

You cant control sexual energy… Because you were born into this world by sexual energy… Sexual Energy is your basic energy… Your father & mother did sex and thats why you are alive on this earth… So thats why suppressing/controling/taming … sexual energy is not possible… You cant turn a blind eye to who you are

You cant run away from your reality

It will be better if you dont fight it and Let it grow inside you… Witness it Rise Up and flow with it… Become one with it… Because It is not our enemy but our friend and it will guide us to the almighty… Becoming one with the Universe.

What is Brahmacharya ?
Today people think if somebody is not doing sex is a Brahmachari… But they are in confusion because…

Brahma means God and Charya means Routine of The God.

A Brahmachari choose to not do sex because He knows by his experience all about the sex and what is it ? By knowing sex in totality… set him free from it… While A man who is forcefuly doing it … is getting in more troubles…

Brahmacharya is a Inner journey. He doesnt run after outer things but he runs after its inner self. He wants to reach his soul… and then connect with his beloved ( god )

A Brahmachari aim is to meet his/her beloved ( God ) Thats his Nirvana… The final destination. End of All Misery. Complete Bliss.